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Sonic Budokai (cont.)

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this is the continuation of Sonic Budokai


YAY SHADIC (also "super" shadic in this was hyper shadic if he was super then he would be yellow, not white.)

wow, too much shadic

Shadic this, Shadic that. Someone outta call Dr. Shadic because Shadic had a Shadic Attack, a rare Shadic disease, and Dr. Shadic said that Shadic had to take Shadic pills for a week. I mean, come on! Good flash, though.

No efence but maybe stick to flash animating

I liked the story line but maybe you should use some new sprites like that Shadic sprite sheet is really old and so is that Mario and Luigi. Other than that terrefic job!!! :) :) :)

too many shadics!!!!!!!!!!!!

your crazy about shadic man!!!

Nice work

I remember seeing this for the first time when it was out for a month or something like that. I thaught it was interesting with the Chaos fusipon technique and though it was interesting. A phew years later The Power of Nazo came out and it was ok, Shadic had a second appearance. And Nazo Unleashed were ag reat, fantastic and awesome series :D! It looks like that Metal Sonic was created to fight Sonic and Shadow to have some data to save te create Nazo :P! This is more like a prequel to Nazo Unleashed yeah... Would be wonderful if this is also going to be redone in the Nazo Unleashed style with extra scenes maybe and it ending with Nazo is coming before Nazo Unleashed begins...

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3.23 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2003
2:07 AM EDT