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World Domination

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>> We have updated world domination!

>> fixed some bugs

>> speeded up the game play


>> Added music on/off button

It is NOT STOLEN!!! I work at I Sioux and I Sioux owns Entertainmail.

Play against world leaders like G.W. Bash and Osumo Bin Lada.

Go for World Domination

To view the High Scores: http://www.entertainmail.net/eshop/worlddomination/

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I miss the Golden Age of Flash. Sincerely. :(

This game is amazing! It would be awesome with multiplayer.

Need to have full version, if not free place to buy cause this limited options isn't best repreination of game


So this was nice I like the idea here and the game itself seems really fun the artwork was decent and the stylish detail was really cool not sure what else I would suggest about this as it was a pretty solid game for what it is maybe adding more content would be a plus on things but anyways keep up the amazing work

More content for sure


I liked this more than I thought I would! The artwork was quite good. I guess it's nice to talk about world politics. It's quite intellectual topic manner. The music is great too. It's weird seeing as how Gadaffi was killed.

Well, that's one scenario that came to life! It was easier to understand than I thought. I thought it was kind of like the Mastermind game. Then again, that was a long time ago. It's just something about taking over the world.