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The Return of Ganondorf

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I love the Zelda series. It’s always the best Nintendo has to offer. That’s why I was disappointed of the lack of real quality, hand drawn Flash cartoons about the games. So like my “One Ring” series I wanted to fix that.

This cartoon dosn't really relate to any of the games, but I based all of the art off Ocarina of Time. I didn’t try to make it fit in the timeline, and even non Zelda fans should enjoy it! Oh, and there are a few goodies hidden in the movie, including two in the credits and even a picture that changes everyday!


*Flash Movie #10*

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A classic!

I Remember when this was interactive and you could click on the window in the courtyard to throw bombs, and that the poster on Ganondorf wall was different each time you refreshed it.

Great tloz fan animation

Love it, it's funny and... differnt.

This is almost 17 years old. Good lord, where did the time go??? Such a classic.