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Clinton speaks to nation

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Author Comments

President Clinton speaks to a nation holding it's breath........

.......wait a minute,......is he drunk?

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was verry amusing
you attempted to animate it

this relied solely on how funny the lines of diolouge
and they were funny

its just having a laugh at the former president of the united states

personally i think people should be focusing more on the policies and leadership of the leader of a country and his personal life as long as he has broken no law should be his own business

it was okay

there was no real animation, so it was more of a slideshow than a flash movie, the graphics were photo rather than handdrawn which detracts from the quality a bit as well. The script was moderately funny though, so its not all bad.


Not really anything was going on in this flash. So Clinton says a few things, that's basically it. Some of the text boxes went by too slow, others too fast. You could have at least threw in some buttons. The dialogue wasn't all that great, there was very little animation, and I'm nto exactly sure what the purpose of this flash was, if it was meant to be pro or anti-Clinton even.


It was ok but could have had more time on it, the text was abit hard to read and did seem to flow too fast, it was funny though, it also seemed to loop, you may want to fix that, anyways it was fun watching, hope to see more sometime...

More scenes besides just the one, add some voice for clinton, and maybe some sorta backing for the text to read off better...

An old classic with clinton...


Was kinda funny at times, but still really poor

While this movie was kinda funny at times, like when Bill Clinton did the hands while talking about Monica's tits it was still a real poor effort, you should have drawn Bill Clinton yourself instead of using pasted images of him and you should have had an actual voice saying the speech instead of it just being text, this movie wasn't good at all really you get a 1.

Credits & Info

2.42 / 5.00

May 15, 2000
7:35 PM EDT