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One Step

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Author Comments

One Step: an awsome cartoon.

What more can I say?!



Well, it does make you think. Who got to the finish line before we did?


verry nicely well done.

Its a intresting look at things

Heee, heeeee

I hope this stays up for quite awhile. Nice job, dude. Keep up the good work. ^_^

One Step

Though your Author's Comment came off as snide and conceded, I do know talent when I see it, and you have a knack for Flash. You gave this cartoon the atmosphere and qualities that would be found in a Looney Toons episode, or such like that. Very nicely done.

I really wanted to see a background and that hindered the graphics department slightly, and the sound effects were right on, though there were places in this cartoon that I felt some more sound or music could be placed to make it all the more better.

Overall this is an above average work, and if you check my other reviews, you'll see that you've received one of my highest rankings. I wish you luck on any future flash animations that you make and I'm fully competent that your skills as an animator will grow and grow, that is if you become less egotistical.


Halley responds:

Wow. It's really nice to get complements like this!
And about the whole egotistical thing, I'm not really THAT bad, I've noticed that when I'm watching a cartoon and the Author's Comment is something like "Uhhh... I know that it's stupid, BUT PLEEEEEEEASE DON'T BLAM IT! I worked hard. (sniff)"
I generaly think "If he dosen't even like it why should I?" and my opinion is influenced by his lack of confidence. Maybe I went a little to far. But anyways, I'm REALLY glad that you liked it so much even to go as far as to compare it to Looney Toons!
So thanks a bunch for all your advice.
And thanks for being blunt!

PS: I just watched some of your cartoons, it's nice to know that I'm compliments from a good animator! :)


Nice animation. While it could've used a bit more sound effects & music, it was still pretty funny. Good job.

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Credits & Info

3.42 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2003
7:07 PM EDT
Comedy - Original