Aleana 3 Show Your Skills

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Just wait a bit.
I reccomend you to watch it on ,medium quality for slower pc's .

Watch the other parts before watching this one.

I'll be back with other Anime.Better art better sound and voices =D.

When I have time 2 do it =p



Dude your heroine has the face of a guy anime character.

What in the fuck is the point?

Think anyone gives a fuck about your little manga-wannabe characters? Go suck old dick you fucknut. I'm so damn tired of little freaks displaying "preview" movies...Bring it when it's ready you moron, I gives no fuck about your crappyass, pointless .swf



great movie! love the anime style stuff, but also, I just found 1 thing wrong about it, that girl's pink hair, any girl with pink hair freeks me out!

It should be on top 20!

I must say that I am VERY impressed! When I first seen the loading screen and see the anime-style drawings I thought... geat another Bard's Song (Bard song was great but had wannabe anime in it). I was impressed with how well he did the animations. Some people are saying DBZ rip off, but who CARES! It looks great! DBZ has tons of animators and they use pens and stuff to draw with not a mouse. Although not as good as The Final Task it should defientely be on the top 20. Very good job! With a bit more practice he could get to number one. Wonderul job!

If there's one thing I can't stand...

...it's typos. If you're going to make a Flash game or movie, at least double-check your typing skills.

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3.51 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2001
4:27 PM EST
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