Fatlip Bob: Episode 1

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My series of shorts, featuring a Tourette's Syndrome-laden stickman. Enjoy.

Please read the Overview in the preloader to find out about the main character and his condition.

This cartoon is completely tongue in cheek, and isn't meant to ffend any sufferers of the condition.

EDIT: Good god, I've just noticed that theres a pretty bad typo in the Overview, where it says "and we do intend to offend-" This is obviously not the case, I meant "don't." Thats what I get for submitting at midnight my time, hehe. Enjoy yet again.



Great job Dave. The graphics were superb and the idea was real original. Keep up the good work.
Fuck all you bad reviewers, it was a great SHORT.

redo the movie witout sticks???

dude, dont send your stuff to NG anymore. the people are so fucking stupid. NO sticks, what the fuck are they saying. you guys always complain about style and animation. sticks with voicies and facial features is a new style animators like fatmandoo invented. to short. people dont complain when its free ok. you want an hour of entertainment, turn on the damn tv. get off the computa and just turn on the tv. to that other guy a walk cycle is very hard. especially with a fully drawn character. for him to add scenary and other sticks, and a mini story is plenty. you guys need to lower your expectations ok cause its up to high. great everything man and that lil preview of the story before the movie started people counts as Interactivity. god all you guys do is complain

Fatmandoo responds:

Amen. I'll probably only submit my more important wares to NG now anyhow, ones that I know will keep people happy, rather than taking pot shots with my shorter movies. Too short: Does the name 'short' do anything for these people? Thanks anyway, man.

A neat idea...

You see, this happens to me on a regular basis. I think you should redo this, without the sticks. They did nothing for me. Keep up the good work.



Oh and to the guy before, turrets are on a tank...good movie btw.

Hey hey, that was good!

I liked it! It was short but sweet, and its called "Turrets Syndrome" by the way... keep it up and make some more!

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3.74 / 5.00

May 28, 2003
6:45 PM EDT
Comedy - Original