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VESSEL: Faceless Eterniti

June 27, 2021 –
March 22, 2024
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

You wake up in a cold and unfamiliar place.

They have chosen you.

You will become their next vessel.

Don't let them take you.

A faceless eternity awaits.


WASD: Movement

Left Shift: Sprint

Spacebar: Open Doors

1: Select Melee 

2: Select Throwing Stars

3: Select Magic 

Left Mouse Button: Attack

Find the key in each floor and escape.

Use your resources wisely.

Every level has 4 secrets.



My fist hurts from punching a wall 179 times

It was too scary I couldn't keep going but it's still a nice game

I love this, I didn't read the author comments before playing and started finding secrets which made me pretty jazzed. Overall It is a pretty great experience and very nostalgic of old FPS games. I hope this ends up on the frontpage, it deserves it.

I guess the only criticism I have is there is no way to tell where the throwing stars go unless you hit the enemy which makes them kind of a pain to use. It would be nice to either have a crosshair so you can tell where you are aiming or do like the magic and show the shot so we can tell how we are off.

I like this game. It has style, it has a unique thing about it but also its sometimes so just not good.

The style: a style like this could make or break a game but the thing is the game feels like I am just opening doors all the time. Nothing different. It's awesome that you made a doom version of it. But the style makes the game just not fun to play. It's unique but when I have already done the same old things again and again with nothing new to look at its just not good

gameplay: You have 3 weapons, you open doors, get angry at the sensitivity of your character, fight the same enemy over and over, and yeah that is it. It's not that great that the style does not allow you to have an aim on your shooting stars as they are just invisible bullets. So you are most likely gonna waste them

But overall this game does have charm and something very good about it. And that is the style and the unique 3D gameplay but over all its a 2/5 stars Not that great cheif


Stats, Info & More

3.25 / 5.00