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Making the Mario!

February 16, 2006 –
December 4, 2008
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Well, this is my second flash movie ... ever. I hope you like it, if not... do give me some useful feedback to hone my skills.

It's Mario, and sprites. Done a million times, better than mine, but I still like the game and style, so I went with it.

I did consider some music, and I even have the Mario game music, but decided it felt too busy when put in.


A very nicely done piece, very clean-cut, and quite amusing. The one thing I think would have made it a little easier, is if the text/storyline flowed by itself, rather than requiring you to click on the mushroom to continue...getting the timing down for that in order to allow for the viewer to read the dialogue, would be tricky, but certainly would make it flow better. A little more noise, too, having just dead air while you're reading, maybe adding in the music, just at a low volume, would have worked and not made it overly busy?

I liked this spin on Mario, haha good job.

I'm not sure if I have seen it befor, but I gotta agree with happyface... Make more, you will probably get a good rating from me if they are of this quality!

wow never seen this before and no i havent gowd u get the idea its ingenous its soooooooooo0 clever and seriosly it realy made me layugh specialy at ze end lol keep it komin dude keep it komin

I gave you a 10 in sound cause you used the CS footsteps.....and that is all....and your scene three intro screen says scene two......fix it.


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2.30 / 5.00