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Newgrounds Flash Player

Newgrounds is home to over 20 years of content built using Adobe Flash. Unfortunately, most browser manufacturers will be dropping support for the Flash plugin, and these submissions will no longer play directly in your browser.

But don't worry, we've got you covered. Windows Desktop/Notebook users can still play all of this classic content with the Newgrounds Player! We've designed this player to create a seamless browsing experience on Newgrounds, while preserving the ability to enjoy all of our classic content. There are NO hidden surprises (malware/adware/tracking/etc) built into this player. It was made to play Flash content, and nothing else! Simply follow the directions below to get started.

Update (Jan 2021): It appears a Windows Update implemented a global kill-switch to disable non-plugin versions of the Flash Player as well, wich also includes the Newgrounds player. User Sonucais has been keeping a running log of workarounds that may help you get it working.

We leave it up to you to decide what you want to do with your own software, but take no responsibility for any issues this might cause.

Meanwhile, you can always support the devlopment of Ruffle.rs, a rust-based Flash emulator that is already running a ton of classic Flash right in the browser without ever having to install a plugin or standalone player. Eventually, this project will kill the need for any external Flash player.

Step 1: Download the Player

Click here to download the installer.

Step 2: Install the Player

Run the installer file, following any on-screen prompts.

This early version may trigger Windows Defender warnings as we establish our certification. If you see the "Windows protected your PC" warning, you will need to click the "More info" link to see the "Run anyway" option.

This player also depends on Adobe's standalone Flash plugin. You may be asked to install that as well.

Step 3: Play Your Favorite Content!

Now when you browse game and movie portals, any Flash content will automatically load in the Newgrounds player!

Version History

Stable Versions

  • 10/31/19
    -fix for Enter key not working on some SWFs
  • 8/4/19
    -Flash ActiveX installer bundled with and able to be launched from the app if user is found to not have it installed
    -removing code that explicitly sets SWF background color.... we'll see how this works out