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Super Hero collab! 2005-05-09 17:54:28 Reply

(note: there is another article pasted by Chekz_Clock based on this)

Almighty Hans & Chekz_Clock

What you will do

You will create your own super hero, (and side kick if you wish) and make a short flash cartoon of he/she/them fighting crime.


FPS- 24
Size- (Default) 550x400
Movie length- 20-30 seconds
Due Date- June 6, 2005
Background- White, and you can draw watever bckground you want over it of course.


When done, E-mail the .FLA to

or send it to me by MSN Messenger

. If you have used any downloadable fonts in your animation, make
sure to break them down or it will come as a default font. Also make sure to name
all movieclips and symbols as what they are so we won't have doubles from the other

-if we have missed any uninformed information, or have questions that are not answered in this explanation, please, contact us by instant message or email us.

Almightyhans >>>
Chekz_Clock >>>

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