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Seeking members for new game studio

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Greetings, everyone.

Video games have been a passion of mine for a long time, with me always dreaming of creating my own one day. Recently, I've decided to turn this dream into a reality, but doing it with with only one or two other people is difficult.

So I come to you all today in search of potential members to help get this new studio off the ground. We're in search of many different types of talents, so chances are high you have a skill that we're looking for.

Currently, our team's biggest necessities are artists and marketers. We are also looking for market researchers, animators, modelers, concept artists, writers, voice actors, game testers, video editors, sound designers, game designers, and business assistants. Programmers, musicians, and other roles not mentioned are also being sought after. If what you do can relate to an aspect of game design in some way, chances are, we're looking for you.

Our studio is small and we lack a budget of any kind at the moment. Unfortunately we can't offer any intimidate or consistent pay. However, once we put together a proper game and release it to the world, you will get a portion of the sales, depending on how much you contribute.

You will not be expected to contribute full-time. We expect some work to be done often, but not 24/7 often. You may join even if you have other priorities to deal with. Working with us on the side is acceptable.

Specific details about the various positions and general requirements/preferences for work will be listed below.

  • Artist/Modeler: 2D, 3D, animation, concept art, etc. If you can do one of those things well, we want you. More specifics on animation and concept art will be in their own sections. Artists in general are expected to have an understanding of various art concepts, such as posing, giving characters a sense of weight, and overall bringing them to life in a convincing manner. This also applies to texture artists, as well as non character pieces of work. Knowing how to UV unwrap 3D models is also a skill we are seeking.

  • Concept Artists: Can you come up with your own original characters with a unique identity? Familiar with using colors and shapes in order to create truly incredible designs? Then we want you.

  • Marketer: Word needs to spread about games for them to be played, this is where you come in. It'll be up to you to know who to market our games to, how to do so in the most effective manner, and making sure interest in our games is sparked and stays consistent, or continues to increase.

  • Market Researchers: A bit of a sub role to the marketers, those who can research the market and find out what people are looking for, what they enjoy, and the best way to do things is another helpful role.

  • Animator: Both 2D and 3D animation are acceptable. We expect you to have an understanding of the 12 Principles of Animation, as well as general animation concepts, and being able to execute them properly when needed.

  • Writer: You'll be in charge of writing stories and characters that fit the themes and genre of our games. Convincing dialogue, as well as choosing the best choice of words for descriptions and buttons will also be your area of expertise.

  • Voice Actors: Everyone needs a voice. This is where you come in. Can you sound sad when a character needs to be upset? Can you sound mad when they're angry, or joyful when they're happy? It'll be up to you to bring a character to life with proper reactions and emotions.

  • Game Testers: This role does not mean all you do is play early builds of the game before anyone else. Your role involves testing every aspect of a game to make sure everything functions properly with no bugs or glitches. This might mean jumping into every wall to check collision and physics, or buying a ton of different items to make sure a store system works properly.

  • Video Editor: Creating game trailers, promotional videos, and potentially other smaller updates, you will be expected to have the ability to properly edit videos, making sure the pacing is good, and that videos are keeping viewers entertained and not clicking away to another site.

  • Game Designers: Mechanics, levels, style, entire games, etc. You will be expected to have some knowledge on how to properly keep players engaged, encourage them to play in a certain style, keeping them moving through levels satisfyingly without getting lost, confused or overwhelmed, and various other aspects of game design.

  • Programmers: You will have a hand in creating the inner workings of our games and making sure everything is optimized and working the best it can. Unity is the engine we will currently be working on, and the language we will be coding in is C#.

  • Musicians/Sound Designers: You will be in charge of creating music and sound effects. You'll be making themes that cause players to feel a certain way. Players feeling cheery and happy to the sound of a joyful theme for a flower field, or feeling intimidated and full of motivation when hearing an intense boss theme, this will be up to you to accomplish. Sound designers will be charge of creating sound effects that result in satisfying actions. A strong punch straight in an enemy's face isn't satisfying if there's not the right sound effect backing it up.

  • Business Assistants: Managing finances, coming up and/or fixing our business plan, helping out with marketing. This role is a bit much for our current position, but the role is open for the future.

These are all the main positions we are looking for. Of course, if you have a skill not mentioned that you feel could be useful, please don't feel discouraged, respond to us anyway and show us the light of truth. Portfolios and previous experiences are not required, but are expected. If you have any form of social media where we can view your work, please, make us aware of it.

With all the positions said and done, there are a few things that everyone who decides to assist us must be aware of.

  • Don't be hard to work with. No one likes an asshole. If another member of the team is being difficult, don't respond with difficulty of your own. Once payment is involved, you will be paid in a timely manner, do not be persistently rude or difficult about it or any aspect of work.

  • Be active on Discord. It will be the platform of communication for our team. You must be active. We don't want you to only be another name in the list. We want you to be a real part of the team, communicating your ideas and work with us when necessary.

  • English will be our main language. We expect your English to be decent. Communication is what we're after, not decoding messages, let's save that for me and the other programmers to worry about.

  • We do not expect you to work full time. I apologize for repeating this, but I want it to be clear that for the time being, you will not be expected to slave away creating content during every waking hour. It can a side project you only contribute to for half an hour a day. It's not a full time job currently.

  • You don't have to be a master at your skill to join. Everyone's constantly learning something new. All of us currently on the team still have a lot to learn before we master our skills the best we can. As long as you didn't literally just start your skill so you could join, and are willing to improve, you're welcome to try out anytime.

  • Our main timezone is GMT+2. You may still join even if your timezone is the exact opposite of our main hours, though timezones close to the listed would be preferred.

  • If you join, but decide to leave, let us know beforehand. Don't be afraid to say you can't help us out any more. We'd prefer to have prior notice so we can accommodate for the change of positions beforehand.

If you have any further questions, or anything else at all, please join us on our Discord. Introduce yourself and ask us whatever might be on your mind in regards to the team.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/uNyZD2v

I look forward to hearing from you all, and working with some great people to make some truly great games.