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10 Of The Best Zombie Survival Game

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Here are ten of the best zombie survival games and franchises so that you can be more prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

Maybe you need to practice your aim. Perhaps you should also expand your knowledge on how to craft melee weapons. And you might even need a refresher on where to find basic supplies like food, water, and medicine. Whatever you need to review here are ten of the best zombie survival games and franchises so that you can be more prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

10. Killing Floor 2
Killing Floor 2 is based on the events of the original which take place in London. Horzine Biotech has been contracted by the military to conduct experiments on cloning and genetic mutation. The human subjects become horrifically disfigured and increasingly hostile and overrun the cooperation making their way past the security that was in place. These specimens go on to attack the protesters just outside of the facility as they flood their way into neighboring areas. In an attempt to keep them from spreading overseas the British government creates teams from the remaining soldiers and police to destroy them.

9. 7 Days to Die
Lacking much of a story, 7 Days to Die has one real objective for players. Survive. Find shelter. Gather food and water. And scavenge supplies after the nuclear fallout. But above all, do whatever you need to do to survive. Take on both the elements and zombie hordes. And avoid leaving yourself vulnerable, with illness or injury. This proves to be easier during the day than at night when the zombies pick up speed. Stealth and distraction are key to avoiding unnecessary confrontation. The biggest horde comes on the seventh day, it's best to prepare.

8. The Walking Dead
Telltales' episodic adventure, The Walking Dead, consists of five episodes that capture life after the onset of the zombie apocalypse. But in particular, it tells the story of Lee and Clementine. The game focuses on story progression and character development and often presents players with split-second decision-making opportunities. Based on these decisions NPCs view player characters either more or less favorably. And while decisions may not be inherently good or evil, during the apocalypse, these decisions might cost someone their life.

7. State of Decay
State of Decay takes place in the Trumbull Valley. And in it, the store clerk, Marcus Campbell, finds that the world has fallen to pieces after returning from a peaceful fishing trip. He meets up with a few other survivors who go on to find the cause of the "Black Fever" which started it all. And they work to escape the valley despite the U.S. military trying to seal it off. Players face diminishing resources while they struggle with group trust and morale. And they have no choice but to find the right balance of exploring, scavenging, and fighting the undead.

6. Dead Island
Dead Island, developed by Techland takes place on the lush and tropical island of Banoi. The place was once only inhabited by natives but recently it has built a thriving tourist industry. In particular, the Royal Palms Resort has drawn a lot of attention as it fills with high profile celebrities. They tend to throw rather wild parties. However, elsewhere on the island is a high-security prison. One day, after one of these crazy parties, four individuals awake to a voice over an emergency intercom telling them to evacuate the hotel. They find that they are immune to the infectious plague that has turned many on the island into psychotic flesh-eating monsters. There DNA may be key to producing a vaccine.

5. Dying Light
Also developed by Techland, Dying Light captures many parkour elements that other zombie survival games ignore. Players climb ledges, leap off cliffs, jump from rooftops, grapple and zip line from one area to the next. With over 1000 different craftable weapons there's a lot of variety in combat. However, weapons do degrade and need to be repaired and with limited resources, it might be wise to switch them up regularly. Most of the weapons are melee weapons as ammunition for guns is in short supply. Scavenge, set up traps, and save others during the day. At night the zombies get stronger and are more prone to attack.

4. Resident Evil
Resident Evil, also known as Biohazard in Japan, made its debut in 1996. It features the international pharmacological company Umbrella Corporation that is known in particular for genetic engineering. It sells foods, cosmetics, and other consumer products. However, the company has been secretly researching bio-organic weapons. In particular, it developed the t-virus. This mutagen dramatically altered living and recently dead organisms. Unfortunately, the virus leaked from their Arklay facility and contaminated the surrounding area. After Umbrella Corps assets are ceased by the government, bioterrorist make use of their research and the Umbrella Corp reassembles forming more of a mercenary group.

3. Left 4 Dead
The Left For Dead series, by Valve, pits survivors of the Zombie outbreak against hordes of the infected. And it perhaps provides players with the most movie-like zombie experience. The "Green Flu" strike PA in Left For Dead 4 and the pathogen is spreading quickly. And people are becoming angry as their cells start to mutate and they lose higher brain function. After a couple of weeks Bill, Zoey, Louis, and Francis are the four who still survive. Zombies have glowing eyes, buzz with flies, and are missing limbs and digits. Others have claws for fingers and tounges that have become more whip-like appendages. Attracted to noise and lights, players must be careful when interacting with the environment. And hulking monsters that beg the question "run or shoot" when the only real answer is "both", make even crossing the street a life or death situation.

2. Fortnite
While most of Fortnite's success has come from its F2P battle royale mode, Fortnite has an equally awesome PvE element available for purchase called Fortnite: Save the World. And what enemies are better to save the world from than zombies? When the storm came, these monsters with glowing eyes followed. They destroyed the towns they tore apart families. Now it is time to fight back. Build massive forts, make uses of traps, and put that loot to good use. This game is also the best multiplayer option for taking on zombie hordes.

1. The Last of Us
Developed by Naughty Dog, The Last of Us tells the tale of Joel and Ellie. The two have to fight off the cannibalistic mutants that have been created by the Cordyceps Fungus. The survivors have made their way to quarentine zones. And some have developed their own independent settlements. However, Ellie who has not changed after being infected might hold the key to curing them all. With several near-death experiences throughout the game, this title is one of the most cinematic portrayals of the zombie apocalypse in a video game.

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Response to 10 Of The Best Zombie Survival Game 2018-09-04 09:44:17

I used to play a browser game where you could be a zombie or a person. You got various skills which aided your survival. It was a text game on a grid. I have no idea what it was called, but it was fun.

Response to 10 Of The Best Zombie Survival Game 2018-09-06 10:50:11

Odd/interesting choice to group all of Resident Evil under one entry rather than picking one game.

I think the closest thing to my ideal zombie game is Fallout 4 with a zombie apocalypse mod. Basically reverse engineering it into I Am Legend: The Game.