Recurring Daydream Vol. 2

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I'm releasing recurring daydreams vol 2, what it is is a compilation of remixes artists have made of compositions I wrote, it's 100% non-profit, but I have toyed with the idea to make it 1 dollar for a week and giving that first week to a charity. It will never profit me though. It's just for fun and exposure for both parties.

I have 10 tracks for it, so it's basically ready to go, I just need to commission artwork, and I'd like some more submissions to round out the album as a few artists are on there twice, which is great, but I'd like more variety.
Anyone of any genre is able to make a remix and works of all quality will be accepted as long as you try, and dont' submit white noise, it just has to be recognizable compared to the original.

Here's a midi pack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaS9Q3cQSGs
Here's what volume 1 was like: https://daydreamanatomy.bandcamp.com/album/recurring-daydreams-vol-1

I've made the due date March 25th 2016, .wavs are preferred, but .mp3s will work. I can add to the album for slightly late entries, and replace tracks with more polished versions later at the request of the remix artist. You may also request a midi to a track that's not in the midi pack from any original song I've made, as long as I have the project file on this PC.
Please post if interested.

Submissions so far: (song - artist)
Angelic Strain - Kierious
Battle B Noise - Deshiel
Chaos Inferno - Mystic Blue
Endless Sand - Deshiel
Glitching Time - Prescott Gallagher
Jaded Gunner - Yoshiii343
Off The Rails - Kierious and Phantom Power
Strife - Avizura Whooves
V-Mode (2014) - KRSSVR
Jump - Kierious

Response to Recurring Daydream Vol. 2 2016-01-27 15:05:13

I've gotten two new submissions in the last 2 days making a total of 12:D

Still pretty much 2 months left for the deadline.

Response to Recurring Daydream Vol. 2 2016-01-30 16:56:56

Getting everything uploaded to bandcamp for release, I'll also be making a video on the release day.
The video would be in the style I did my anime remix albums vol1 and 2 in, so I may come to some of your for artwork for the video while your song plays.

I'm liking the idea of pay what you want for a week or two and donating proceeds to a charity, but I don't know enough about charitys to know what to pick, and it should be more of a group choice if something like that is done. , but it seems liek a good thing to do. After that leave it free indefinitely, and if it runs out of downloads people should be free to reupload to torrent sites and file sharing sites.

Response to Recurring Daydream Vol. 2 2016-01-31 04:27:54

I was looking into the Amy Winehouse foundation.

“The Amy Winehouse Foundation USA’s mission is supporting and empowering children in need through music therapy and music education and works to prevent the effects of drug and alcohol misuse on young people. ”

Their UK branch seems more legit than their US one, since the US branch has less public donations and director has a higher salary, so I'd split it and put more towards the UK branch.

The album would only be pay what you want for a month tops. All proceeds would go to charity. I'll provide all the screencaps and proof showing so.

News about the album, and we have artwork now:3


This thread has at least brought 1 of the 12 entries to the album, hopefully more will join and submit within the next month^^