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Seeking programmer

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Seeking programmer 2013-02-19 02:31:20

For project called Ng Art Museum.
The Main character must play mini games and do battles to unlock art work for the museum.

good luck.

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Response to Seeking programmer 2013-02-19 11:31:41

You're going to have to provide more information than that if you expect someone to become interested enough to help you. Something else you might want to do is explain what your role in this project would be. "The guy who comes up with the ideas" usually isn't enough.

Also, this is probably the wrong place to be asking. I assume this project will be Flash based and there is a Flash forum dedicated to Flash and ActionScript. Although an even better place for you to look for people to collaborate with would be the collaboration forum but before you post in there it'd be better if you thought this out more thoroughly and gave people more information about the project.

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