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The quest for an artist partner

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Greetings! I am horrible at art! :D

Which would of course be why I am looking for an artist. I am looking for someone who can draw, and animate all the art assets such as characters, objects, backgrounds and things like that.

I am hopeful that this could develop into a long term partnership benefiting both of us, if we get along and work together well. I am willing to work on your game ideas as well as my own.

For the project I have in mind at the moment, I am wanting to make an action platformer, with a fairly open world environment to encourage exploration. I have done two platformers so far, which have both done decently, and went mildly viral with 700k views total among the sites Bob the Archaeologist spread to, and almost 800k on Sapphire Slime


I am hopeful that a game made combining the best elements from these games, with good original art will result in something even more successful.

As far as compensation goes, i would prefer to do an even revenue split of the mochi ad revenue, and any contest/sponsorship revenue. As I am looking for more of a partner than an employee. If you prefer to be paid upfront, I can try to see if I can afford it, but my budget is fairly low at the moment.

If you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them. Thanks for your time reading all this. :)

I always appreciate feedback on my games. It helps me get better. :)

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