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Help Wanted: Project Dragonblossom

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Okay, here is the ordeal. I'm looking for people in experienced in the character spriting and environmental spriting, concept and design for my first indie game project namely called Project DragonBlossom.

I'll set down some things for the audience to see:
(Project DragonBlossom's concept folder)
(Some Spritework)

Story: It's been 2,000 years has since the Ancient Beings of the Four Winds and the Great Hero has established peace within the lands after stopping a war that was being lead by a mysterious evil to conquer the world who was soon sealed away. In this time of peace, enough was done to establish the grounds for the four kingdoms which all have Leaders, however they are also ruled underneath the Dragon Prince to keep the Kingdoms in check. As time passed, the evil grew and it gets reawakened into the world, threatening the lands once more. By causing enough havoc, it had angered the Leader of the southern distant kingdom by the name of the Solsai Kingdom, to press threats of war against the Dragon Prince. To make matters worse, strange happenings have been sighted around all over the kingdoms and in a strange twist of Fate, it's all up to a youth and her allies to save the kingdoms from going to war against each other and stop the evil before it's too late.

Level Concepts are still a WIP but I have a general idea of two Levels according to the storyline: Aer Ruins and Tsuki Forest. Both areas are being worked on for concept for now; screenshots will come in later. (These two levels are going to be revealed as of now since this is prepping up for a demo version first.)

Level Descriptions:

Aer Ruins: The first stage of the game. It will be ruins in a forest-jungly forest that could lead up to waterfalls and peaks, oh my. Exploration will be a factor in this and that's not a bad thing right? Oh and another thing, look out for the pratfalls and traps that are abound. While at it, you could see the sunset in the distance of the high peaked mountains.

Tsuki Forest: It's a crisp and clear night as wolves howl in the distance as the rays of the moonlight shines down from above in this hauntingly calm sacred bamboo forest consisting of Eastern shrines and lingering spirits. Climb high enough and you should see the full sight of the blue supermoon above you as you travel. Another thing, mind the royal guards, they're out and abound the place.. Wonder what's going on to get their attention?

Music? We have little. Two composers are at work on the project so far. Asrj
(Tsuki Forest ACT 1 WIP) -rzmxL
(Tsuki Forest ACT 1 Variation WIP)

Genre Targeted for the Project: Action-Adventure RPG Platformer

If anyone is interested, please contact me via note on dA or here. Thank you very much.
~Arkenova, Creative Lead of Project DragonBlossom