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Terrence and Cambrie [Short Story]

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Hey guys, it's been a long time since I have written a story, I started this project about a month or so ago and never finished it, today I took some time off of my normal life and put in some work. It's finally a finished product, and I'd like to share it with you.

To give you a brief idea, the story is about a young man and woman who are in love, the girl (Cambrie) lives in an unhealthy environment and is abused by her father regularly. Terrence (the boy) would do anything in the world to make her life better, and this leads to a very strange thing happening to Terrence, in order to better the future of the girl he loves.

Don't be fooled, it isn't some shitty romance or a romance at all. The story is posted both on DeviantART as well as FanFiction (as it has some Dark Tower / Insomnia references and characters). The story is about 5,400 words or so, it is a bit of a read but nothing too much, a fast reader could fly through it in no time.

Hopefully you guys are willing to check it out and offer me some criticism, I havent written anything in years, like I said, but it is a hobby I enjoy and plan on continuing to do, I have many ideas for future stories and would like to improve as much as possible, constructive criticism would help a lot.

Here are the links:

Thank you in advance, feel free to leave comments on those websites as well.

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