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Many Many Voice Actors Needed!

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Hey there everyone! I know people usually need voice actors for animations and games, but I'm in the need of voice actors for a sound art composition I am making for a University project. I need a lot of different voice actors, mostly with normal, everyday voices. You don't need to be able to do a character or an impression or anything. I just need peoples voices.

So anyway, I'm making an approximately 10-minute sound art composition focused on the feeling of anxiety. It is about a man who basically gets too stressed and eventually starts to lose his mind. The piece will consist of 6 scenes, 5 of which are going to require a variety of voices.

Scene 1: He is in a classroom. I need many different voices for this scene to recreate a large auditorium-like classroom setting. It's the end of class so the students are eager to leave so we can hear many of them having conversations.

The only line I need to stick to a script is a teacher voice (preferably a man) saying: Alright students, now remember that your exam tomorrow is worth forty percent of your mark, so I hope you've been studying hard! (Each voice actor can take a crack at this if they'd like)

For the rest of the voices, I need a variety of different voice actors to improvise some lines. You can talk about your day, what you're having for lunch, the exam itself, etc. Around 10-15 seconds of basically anything. I'm simply compiling it all to sound like a large classroom.

Scene 2: He is working in a fast-paced factory full of conveyor belts and machine-like sounds. I need a boss who is very aggressive that is yelling at the men to continue working at a fast pace and to not slow down. Something like this: Move, move, move! Oh come on you pansies, we have to get all of this done by 9am! Put your back into it! Let's get going! Come on, come on! You're all pathetic!

I'll also be needing more voice actors to record some grunts and moans (think of a guy trying to lift something heavy and move it quickly), hard-breathing, etc.

Scene 3: In this scene he is outside trying to cross a street when a truck almost hits him. I need one person to yell "Watch where you're going, asshole!" and another to yell "Get off the road!"

Scene 4: He is at a grocery store, and there are many people in the store walking around, hurrying to get their groceries. I'll be needing random lines of dialogue in here to simulate people shopping, much like the crowd in the classroom. Stuff like, "Come on honey, let's go!" or "No, we're not buying cookies, we don't have enough money for that" or "Did you get the milk?" or a kid saying "Mommy, mommy, I want that!" Random dialogue to do with being in a store.

Here's where it starts to get more specific. As he is walking through the store, he starts to think people are talking about him, so I need whispers and soft/eerie voices to say these lines:

"You're not going to make it."
"You're not good enough."
"Why do you even try?"
"You might as well just give up already."
"He's so ugly."
"Look at him, he's a complete mess."
"I wouldn't be caught dead with those clothes."
"Ugh, such an ugly haircut."
"Don't talk to him, he's dirty!"
"You can't keep up with us."
"There's no point in trying anymore."
"You're nothing compared to us."
"You're nothing at all."
"You're nothing."
"Stop trying!"
"Go home!"
"Get out of here!"
"You don't fit in with us!"
"You don't fit in."

If you would like to make other variations of these kinds of lines, that would be great.

Scene 5: The man goes home with a heavy heartbeat, and he's very overwhelmed with the voices in his head. He is now in his quiet room. He's tries to study for his test, but it isn't going well as he starts to hear more voices:

"There's not enough time."
"Stop studying."
"There's no point anymore."
"Why are you even trying?"
"Just give up!"
"You're going to fail."
"You're a failure!"
"You can't do it!"
"Put the book down."
"I said put it down!"

After these voices all build, he closes the book and they stop. He then sits on his bed and grabs his acoustic guitar and tries to write a song. As he is playing, the notes start to become eerie and not what he is playing. The voices rise again:

"This sounds like shit."
"You can't play!"
"You're a terrible musician."
"No one will like it!"
"No one wants to hear you!"
"No one will ever listen!"
"Just stop!"
"Stop playing!"
"Hahahaha, this is the worst!"
"Give up!"
"You have to quit!"
"You have to end this!"
"End yourself!"
"You're nothing!"

I would also like a lot of different laugh tracks that are mean-spirited and hateful towards the man.

From here on, everything gets pretty crazy and I will basically be repeating the lines that have been said but through a variety of effects and panning them differently across the speakers. Scene 6 will have nothing to do with you guys, so there are no lines needed for it.

If you're willing to help, I would like most of you to maybe try recording all of the lines. The more, the better, and the more insane I can make this piece.

Since this isn't going to be submitted to Newgrounds, I really can't offer you much in return other than my complete respect and gratitude. This project is worth 30% of my mark and it would mean the world to me if you guys could help really bring it to life. I'll try recording myself for all of the lines too, but I feel a large variety of voices would really make it that much better.

I'd prefer your mic's to be of decent quality, but don't be discouraged if they're not, as I can still use basically anything. I'd also like them in .wav format, but if for some reason you can't, then .mp3 will be fine. You can send all of your takes to (I know it's a lame e-mail :P).

I'd like to thank everyone who is willing to help me in advance. This means a lot to me.