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Everything battery 2012-12-02 14:26:18

Cell phone batteries in a TL;DR format

Good: 3.8 and above volts
Average: a battery that is 3.6-3.7 volts
Poor: 3.5 and below volts

Equally the "mAH" must also be high (milla amps)... You have have all the strength is the world(volts) but if you cant swing more then twice your finished

Dammmm!: 2500 mAH and beyond with a power saver chip
Good: 2500 mAH and beyond
Average: 2000-2499 mAH with or without power saver chip
Norm: (where most of ALL batteries fall) 1900-2000 mAH
Poor: 1900 and below without power saver chip

Norm and average difference: we are talking slide, flip, and brick phones vs average being the smart phone as we see it today

If you are wondering if you can get a better battery then google: replacement batteries and search away for your phone name, for instance the phone i am writing this on is an Lg-p930 and it comes with a 3.7 1820 mAH battery... I am ordering a 3.7 2840 mAH battery... This means the same power but it lasts waaay longer

Happy phoning

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