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Hello thar, I needs me some help.

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Hello thar, I needs me some help. 2012-10-11 06:51:48

Hello there, my name is Honke, 'cause I'm white! GET IT?! HAHA, HAHA, HAAAA. Anyways, I need help with a video I'm making. If you could make one of those dad's from the 50's that sound like, "Hey Timmy, wanna play ball?" voices, then you can help me! I need that kind of voice for a Halo 3 machinima I'm making called, "Internet Trolling". It's making fun of how kids go around in CoD, trap people in corners while spamming words like U Mad Bro? U Jelly Bro? Cool Story Bro! And thinking they're funny. So if you wanna help me make fun of people then please reply.

- Honke