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lyric writer and producer is lookin

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hi i am an australian and i am looking for a couple of is a female jazz singer who is unemployed ( as in has NO job )
this is a project that is based in london..there are enough songs to finish the album and i need a nina simone or a smokey club singer...if interested email

there is also a virtual reality opera based on the novel by chris eales called We all know too much or WAKTM
we are in pre-production and require singers male or female it and contact rupert cheek.

i also have a pink floydy style concept album and i need a roger waters for the is a 4cd thing subjects are WAR, POLITICS , RELIGION and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

also if you need any lyrics written i may be able to help..for samples of my writing style go to

thank you for your time peace out


lyric writer and producer is lookin