I need some help finding the names

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.... of two flash videos I really liked a couple of years ago but cant find on newgrounds because I cant remeber there names

the first one deals with the some friends who play video games it was made by double helex and they would make jokes about game seqels. they ran into the head of komani, capcom and squae enix who saught to destroy these gamers but failed every time.

the second isnt as well known but it deals with a stick animation where the chracter has one day to do whatever he wants so he goes on a robbing spree and this cops after him the last episdoe I watched the cop saod the partner he killed was his girlfriend and he wanted revenege and the sun was beginning to set marking the nearing of the end of his consiquence free day. I think he recieved this wish from one of those fortuen teller machines that pop out a paper.

I would really appricate your help if possible, thanks.