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Underwater Bitz [Pixel Day 2021]

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I couldn't be anymore proud of myself. From start to finish it was not only fun but engaging to work on. This isn't your average tune. I believe this brings out the old school Newgrounds vibe and the now. This was rushed in many ways but not in the way that I didn't spend enough time with it. I actually didn't get any sleep for the last 17 hours producing this and I only finished it this morning.

For Pixel Day 2021 and The Video Game Music Challenge, I present "Underwater Bitz". It's a hard hitting banger with lots of atmosphere, my favorite. It's a mix of everything from video game bitz to electronic dance music and a touch of dubstep. I'm just proud of my self for working hard to be better at making music like this. A lot of people have mentioned finding a story behind my songs, sci-fi and fantasy related. I worked hard on this for the last few hours without sleep and I'm hoping you guys like this one. I'm hoping you guys do, and if I had a story behind this one I'd say think of the ocean and you're falling. You can breathe just fine but the weight of the water has got you in it's grip. Holding on tightly as you sink into the bottom of a forbidden world. Lost in the fabric of time. *Sink Underwater*

"The Goal"

Originally I had a different concept for this called "Submerge". The song was supposed to be more atmospheric and find similar beats to that of Notaker, however, after some experimenting I found some new sounds which alternatively made me scratch the old file for now and work on the new one. This is probably the first track I actually used more channel presets and effects than any other song I've made thus far. This is also the first release of the upcoming EP Album I've been working on. Ideally I wanted the song to be shorter but the reason I tend to make them longer than 3-4 minutes is because of the type of music I listen to. A lot of electronic in general favorably Dubstep and Electronic Dance, sometimes Synthwave. My songs come from the endless amount of inspiration I get from artists like Au5, Notaker, and REZZ. The goal for this was to give listeners a new perspective of what lucid dreaming feels like. The theme is Underwater but in a totally different view. With the world being 71% water, roughly 360 million kilometers, and on average 11,000 meters deep, who knows what's out there. Life is amazing and simply can not find the words to explain it. It is a phenomenon unexplainable to the human eye, fascinating in several ways.

I hope you all enjoy this soundtrack. It's beautiful and I'm sure you'll think so too!

NOTE: Song will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and all other streaming platforms Starting February. This is an early release for the Community. Downloads will be available starting February!



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good track, portrayed well underwater mood! but there are some "unatural" bumpy parts, not sure if they are result of over limiting...

Teckmo-X responds:

Some parts like the first verse definitely had a breach in limiting but otherwise the whole entire song was supposed to be made the way it is. I did say I was going to go back and fix some of this stuff that does need fixing but right now I'm more focused on the new songs that are coming out. This is the latest version of the song though.

VGMC, 8-Bit Wandering: "Underwater Bitz" Review

I think the aspect of this track that stands out the most to me is its sound design. You note in the description that you've assigned a story to this song of sinking through the ocean into a different world, and I think that your success in conveying this is largely due to the sound design decisions you make throughout the tune, with some smaller contributions from composition and structure. While a few sounds you employ throughout this piece are questionable (particularly the dubstep drop at 4:38, which I think could use some more care), the majority of the sound design on this track does a great job of making the song sound underwater. Your use of reverb and delay shines through in particular (I adore 1:44, and the hollow sounding section at 4:02 before the ensuing drop), in addition to some of the shiny, resonant timbres you create, like the bass at 0:52, and the murky guitars (?) at 1:28. The progression of this track is wonderful, as well - the dark, sinister place we end up at 4:38 is miles away from the optimistic moment at 1:17. The downward motion of this track is incredibly palpable.

Unfortunately, there is one facet of this song that's stifling its true potential: the production. For one, the kick you use is way too loud throughout the song, with its gargantuan sub frequencies eating up the rest of the mix, interloping on the space that the mid and high-ranged frequencies should be allowed to flourish in. Compression seems to be a big problem throughout this track, as well: a lot of your bassier sounds are squished to unnecessary extents, some of your higher synths as well. The entire song itself is actually compressed farther than it needs to be - as you can see on the waveform, the full 7 minutes of audio all reside in a thin strip at the middle of the waveform, with plenty of room above and below the small threshold you've set.

Compressors are tricky to figure out when first approaching them - a lot of the changes they make to sound are almost unnoticeable to those who aren't familiar with them. They took me quite a while to figure out, and I'm still not really the best at using them on certain sounds. I think that with the ambitious scope of this song, though, once you figure out how to produce your songs better, you'll be able to make some really great stuff! I implore you to keep at it. :)

Teckmo-X responds:

Honestly this is a lot to process. I like the review really brings light. Sorry this is so well reviewed I'm speechless. I did for a fact though make the bassline deep on purpose. For me whenever my basslines are deep and hit hard I feel that feeling of accomplishment. I've used compressors in the past and I like them for certain projects but instead I prefer to process everything using the EQ plugins. I have realized how much easier in my opinion it is to process everything. I'm still working on it. I'm slowly working my way up in sound design. Thank you!

very atmospheric - i really like the lead and melody that picks up and the mixing is like min maxed perfectly to sit in a videogame somewhere. nothing is loud enough to hurt which is a plus. the dubstepish part at 4:38 could use some love in the sound design department but the idea is there and it still works even if it isn't something i particularly fancy because it still sits in the mix perfectly. overall, solid work!

Teckmo-X responds:

Thank you, I wanted to change more on it but I liked it the way it came out.

Old Newgrounds vibe definitely checked, especially the bit at 1:16. I get a solid oceanic and spacey vibe from it. The instruments you chose fits perfectly for that. I get dystopian vibes as well, especially from the tubular bass. I agree with Chepaki however, the sidechain is a bit too agressive for my taste in some places.

Well done!

Teckmo-X responds:

THATS EXACTLY HOW I'D DESCRIBE IT!!!! GET OUT OF MY MIND!!! >.<" Lmao but more so yes, my concept of music involves a lot of space themes and it's all different with every song. I did my best to sidechain tbh I had used up almost 90% of FL Studio channels when I made this song. It's rough around the edges but it plays a beautiful tune. I managed to stay up later than usual and work on the song a bit more so I can replace the file with a more polished version of the song, one where the bass still kicks in but doesn't overpower everything else. I should have it replaced by tomorrow after my Youtube launch. It was not only fun but I felt a sense of peacefulness working on it. I'm glad you liked it along with everyone else. Heads up: I'm already working on a new song and it's almost ready for stores.

Fantastic track on many aspects ( honestly surprised its 7 minutes long, it really didn't feel like it ) but this sidechain is going way too crazy in the beginning of the track for my taste, like I couldn't even hear the music anymore during those kick rolls at 1:27

Teckmo-X responds:

Yeah I noticed that too! See I kept trying to mix and process the lead but every time I'd do it I wouldn't find the right level. The compressors helped but it wasn't enough. I'll definitely go back and fix that too. Thank you, I'm so glad you liked it!

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