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This particular game soundtrack was pretty unique to me, as it was the first time I really experimented with dynamic scores and event based arrangements. It was a super fun experience working on the soundtrack for this shmup, and it's actually tragic I have no idea how one would access the game anymore.

This is the spacey, calm, ethereal Title Screen theme. I'm choosing to post this one now as an unapologetic excuse to post the following song later.

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I'll second the other comment, harmonically it's that kind of mess where I can't really tell whether or not it's intentional as some sort of subversion but in any case it doesn't work. Now it's not exactly a disaster, but some stuff still needs to change harmonically for this to work.

Other than that I like the sound of the instruments, combined with the rhythm and sound of the drums it creates a cool sound that I enjoy, sort of mysterious and dramatic but still kind of laid-back, reminds me of the exploration music from the first Danganronpa.

I feel like this could be really cool.

SodatheJunker responds:

I assure you, it wasn't nearly as intentional as I wish it was hahaha

I think it's that mysterious, laid back part that I may have tasted as well at the time. I had a bad habit back then with not understanding "silence" in all of it's value. The whole "it's not video game music unless it has some kind of cute melody, right?" idea. I grew out of it, thank god, but I also think it led me down a path of appreciating how exactly sounds do layer and work together.

I appreciate the comment, I'm really glad you shared it. You're much nicer to the song than I am, and I'm warning you now I'll probably post a few even worse songs before this years end. But it's also been pretty fun to reminisce over some of these tracks.

I really like the vibe, and suits what you describe. However there are points where your 3 instruments, bass strings and piano are simultaneously in different keys. At best, it doesn't sound calming. At worst, it sounds completely incorrect!

There are ways you can experiment with clashes and dissonance that can be very effective, however I think cramming a lot of this at the end of every phrase isn't the one. Pick a key, and make sure that all your instruments stick to it and I think you'll have a much more effective piece.

SodatheJunker responds:

Trust, I feel you.

I was quite young when I made this track, I think it was almost 11 years ago. One of the key things that was asked of me was to make it dissonant in spots but I was certainly too green to really understand how it could be harnessed correctly. I spent a lot of my career learning to develop my ear for it more and practicing just that ^^

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Nov 18, 2020
2:55 AM EST
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