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A Stroll Down St Pancras


Author Comments

Hey everyone, Troisnyx here, joining you together with Juan D. Cruz on violin, @AkioDaku on bass and The Just Numbers' very own Greg Slater on guitar, to bring a track unlike most others that I've put up on here. I am pleased to finally bring you all the full version of A Stroll Down St Pancras.

I played all keyboards and recorded samples of nearly all the drums and percussion featured here, and recorded all the vocals you hear here. The guitar I chose was the closest I could find to our version of the Epiphone Les Paul, which is actually a Vintage Edition.

The diversity, the mish-mash of instruments you hear here, was a bit of whimsy on my part, yes, but I was also reminded of the buskers in the Underground stations, and especially King's Cross St Pancras, where the musicians are as widely diverse as the instruments they play.

Incidentally, 15 September (the date of release) is a date that is very special to me, as on this day, ten years ago, I set foot in the UK for the very first time.

I used to live close to London and it was my occasional stomping ground, but during the time that I lived there I didn't visit St Pancras Station much -- I had no funds to go exploring, to go take the Eurostar or do anything of the sort. But then in 2015, during our visit to London, Seán took me to St Pancras to see a friend off, and we walked down the concourse. The concourse in St Pancras is basically the high-end shopping area -- there, and in a few other places, there are pianos for people to improvise on. I took to the piano in the concourse and laid down the basic chord progression that would become the initial snippet of A Stroll Down St Pancras.

Five years later, it is now finally complete. I certainly wasn't expecting to finish and release the piece on a date that holds such personal importance. I wanted to capture the joy, the eye-opening, the breath of fresh air I have felt thus far, the freedom, the acceptance of multiculturalism from the better people I've seen here, my growth as a person, my hopes for the future, and the gratefulness for the good people I have in my life. Whatever hardships and past trauma and memories I endure, I endure them together with my Seán and with the friends I have made here. This is home, and I sing about it in perhaps the best way I can to describe the feelings I've had.

For the final version of A Stroll Down St Pancras, I made sure to use the exact same VSTs where possible -- alpha Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra 2 makes a comeback, while Fruity Soundfont Player, which no longer exists in FL 20, has been replaced with TX16Wx. Playing the keyboard to this felt as natural as it did back in 2015 -- perhaps more so now that I've got the full structure down. Whereas the original sounded slower and more andante, this one sounds more cheery and festive.

I've marked this track as "Experimental," because quite frankly, it is. I can't narrow it down to one single genre. This has been the most experimentation I've done in a track of mine, and the most experimentation that I've done with friends on a joint track. This is quite something else, and I'm grateful for their input, and that it turned out the way it did.

Special thanks to @LD-W for helping me see the balance of this track in its final moments, you're a star.


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Nice one. Really like how it sounds!

This is amazingly good! I feel like I'm listening to someone make an impassioned speech or hearing an uplifting political ad! Really damn good stuff! 5 stars! First prize!

You really captured the sense of hustle-and-bustle of being in a transport station. I've never been to St. Pancras International but the closest thing I can think of that I've had experience with is O'Hare airport in Chicago. To me there's almost a sense of urgency; I can see people hurrying and trying to make their plane/bus/train with their suitcases while moving through a crowd of people.

The vast production, in my opinion, also shows a feeling of determination. The imagery I get is something like: You're at the bottom of a large cliff, there's nowhere to go but up, and come Hell or high water you're going to climb it.

I'm not quite sure if that's what you were going for, but that's how I see it.

Reading your description it seems like one thing you were going for, though, was a sense of optimism and freedom. I can definitely see that.

The only thing that keeps this from getting 5 stars from me is this: To me, something about the flow of the piece seems to get in the way of what you're trying to do. I think this is especially the case when the quiet part hits towards the middle. I'm wondering if it would be more effective if there was a continuous buildup of instrumentation to reflect ever-growing positive energy, and at the end is where the quiet part would come in. Just something you may want to play around with.

Overall, I'd say you did a phenomenal job. :)

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Troisnyx responds:

Thanks for the thought you put into your review, much appreciated.

I hadn't had the strength to mention this, but if you haven't been to St Pancras, it truly is something else. If you have time, you can get lost in its beauty, stop at the eateries or the high-end shops, or walk around and soak in the architecture, which is a happy marriage of the old and the new.

If you're pressed for time, you will find yourself tempted to pause, listen to the buskers, or catch glimpses of a beautiful place. You hesitate. You think, "I hope I have enough time to see these beautiful people and things..."

St Pancras is an international symbol, being the gateway to continental Europe. Certainly in 2015 and not so much now, I could look at it and say, "Ahead of us is more of the European Union to explore." Imagine what a sense of liberation, joy, *pride* there is in that.

That pride may be gone from the UK but I still remember it, and hopefully have captured every moment of it.

I agree with Jordi <3

Wonderful work! :)

Credits & Info

Bass Guitar

4.72 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2020
1:53 AM EDT
File Info
7.3 MB
5 min 27 sec
  • Audacity
  • VSCO 2
  • Flex
  • FL Studio 20
  • Les Paul Special II
  • Scarlett 2i2
Misc. Kit
  • Samson R21S
  • BBC Symphony Orchestra
  • TX16Wx
  • Pearl Forum Snare Drum

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