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Nebulous - Paranoia (NGUAC 2020 | R3)

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Author Comments


You're sitting at home relaxing while your family is on their way home. You look at the clock, anticipating their arrival and...

...the clock has stopped.

Suddenly, loud noises come from different places in the house. The fear builds until you are face to face with some creature out for your life.

Now you must survive in your own home and try to make things right again...somehow.


Made in Tracktion 7

I tried out Riddim again on a fear theme, and I like the result. I do feel like there are a couple of things that seem out of place, but being short on time, I'll just have to settle.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy it!

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I like the cutesy melodies at the beginning. The skipping beats at :16 threw me off a bit, and the “reset” at :27 was rather abrupt. The gritty, minimal drop at :53 works pretty well, but lasts a bit too long for my tastes. That said, the second iteration of that section (1:34) with the creepy vocal drone in the background at least brought some variety. I think you could’ve made better use of the treble range of the frequency spectrum throughout this piece, although the experimental flair of this piece does help keep things amusing. The sound design and production quality are both strong, and the rhythmic content is rather creative throughout. Overall, the arrangement seems a bit choppy at times between the gritty drop sections and the blissful synth riff at 3:44 (and other places), and the piece lacks a sense of resolve without a more well-integrated relationship between the two. Still, this is a neat track thematically (girl saying “don’t be afraid” actually gave me nightmares) with some strong mixing and mastering and engaging instrumentation. Keep it up, ShockblastDeluxe! :)

Mixing, mastering, and balance
Structure, transitions, phrasing, and variety
Melody, tonality, harmony, and texture
Instrumentation and sound design
Emotion, atmosphere, and catchiness
Originality and uniqueness
Overall (how do the elements above interact?)
Composite score

Interesting effecting going on here. I wasn't with the clipping, clicking effect until you applied a little bit of pitch effect so I understood what was happening.

I love your use of FX and that heavily modulated, distorted bass. I find myself wanting the snare to cut through just a bit more. You may be able to apply KSHMR Essentials Kick to it and the kick to get the transients and overall sound more present. On the second drop, it's not an issue.

Overall, your sound design choices and structuring shine. Pleasant dissonance, makes me a happy bean. I still find myself wanting as I mentioned, percussion elements, and particularly some hihat and crash action. Those I feel are buried by your lead.

I still ended up feeling quite relaxed and comfortable despite the attempts at horror. Perhaps it's to do with my love of horror music... for sleeping. Nice work.

Thanks for coming out to NGUAC!

ShockblastDeluxe responds:

Thanks for having me, and thanks for listening!

I dont like this track, in a good way, because it elicited real fear especially after reading your idea of the track.

the intro is really interesting, maybe utilizing some aspects of FL Gross beat, or maybe your own production, but the over-all vibe, is truly terrifying, which is what you were going for i assume.

I am trying to judge this simply on overall composition which includes the scary parts. and honestly, you truly


created a scary and anxiety ridden vibe that made me 1; creeped out. 2; uncomfortable. 3; honestly scared to listen to it.

great job with your vibe here. I have very little criticism because this music you've created hit me in a scary, and weird way.

Overall Composition; 8.25
Overall Production; 7
Overall Impression; 9

Score; 8.08

---offical NGUAC review--

ShockblastDeluxe responds:

Heh, well, thanks for listening! :D

And I hope you've been able to recover from it. :P

-Official NGUAC 2020 Final Round Review-

You decided to take a totally different direction comparing this submission to the one you sent for the KO Round. I like the fact you wrote some sort of context behind the track, it’s a sign of dedication. The beginning is really good, and the glitch effect at 0:26 is even better; the build-up at 0:40 really shows the tension growing as well. I’m not too much fond of the first drop; in that sections the mix has a higher volume in the high band than necessary, therefore making it sound too bright and less impactful. This applies even more at 2:00, where the bass, while being deep and nicely EQed, doesn’t back up for the atmosphere: a deep synth pad could have worked out pretty well with it. The second drop, while still being a bit too plain, is much better and more balanced. Overall, pretty ambitious and well-structured piece, with some ups and downs, but pleasant enough to listen to.

Originality: 1.4/2
Composition: 2/2
Structure: 2/2
Tecnicity: 1.35/2
Impact: 1.75/2
Total: 8.5/10

ShockblastDeluxe responds:

Thank you so much for leaving a review about it!

Cool glitches at the beginning and pretty neat sounds. Nice job and good luck for NGUAC!

ShockblastDeluxe responds:


Credits & Info

3.88 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2020
11:16 AM EDT
File Info
9.2 MB
4 min 1 sec

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