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Be Gay Do Crime

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Author Comments

Another sneaky gay noise into another contest!!!! YESSSSSS

Be Gay Do Crime is a queer anti-capitalist slogan that its meaning is about being queer is illegal in many place, the legality is useless because queer liberation came from queer insurrection like Stonewall, so being illegalist and queer are synonymous. As a queer, I live a dual reality, on one I'm a musician who write interesting stuff, on the other I fight against the system. This slogan echoes in me.

This one is a bit more organized than the last track, but no less experimental. I wanna play with pitch bend, I did that in some old work last year but unsuccessfully. Pitch bend + reverb = recipes to beauty. I ain't going to talk more this time.


Mary Nardini Gang - Be Gay Do Crime

Repression is the attempt on the part of a decaying world to smother new ones in their infancy. We’ve withstood them all. The Holocaust and the aids crisis respectively destroyed two moments in the preceding century when our world outgrew their comfort for it. In both cases the revolutionaries and the otherwise marginalized died first. Entire generations of our elders have been stolen from us. Remember this when you forget who you are. Remind your friends, too, if they forget. The state has soft means at its disposal. The criminalization of public parks goes hand in hand with the proliferation of cybernetic cruising apps. The benevolent campaigns of “trafficking reformers” keep sex workers on the streets or worse. The wealthy will afford their prep while people with aids continue to die on their doorsteps. The circulation of the images of particular bodies through social media numbs us with blue light and distracts from the systematic execution of those same excluded bodies. We’ve only made it this far by fighting repression in all its forms. Pay attention to those worlds that are fighting it differently. Learn from those who fought it before. We’ll need all the various techniques against our shared enemy. We need the healing techniques too. We’ve inherited so much trauma from these failed attempts. But we can choose to heal in these lifetimes, to not pass the shit on.

To recognize queerness in conflict means to address the residue of a dead world within us – trauma in our bodies, possession by egregores, lies on our tongues. Be humble; know that you are addressing wounds inflicted upon countless generations. Be gentle with yourself and each other in these matters, but remember that healers often have the bloodiest hands.

Social war, understood as a movement to expand upon this or that limited conception of struggle, gestures welcomingly to the other, includes the stories of resilience and subversion which disorder any tendency toward a scientific (read: systematized) fetish on the part of militants.

We do this because we remember that Normalcy is itself our enemy. Avoid those who read the backs of Foucault books while gleefully flaunting their normalizing impulses. In any insurrectionary space, attend to the freaks. The Norm arms itself with terror, because some truly believe in it. The devotees of Normalcy – in its psychic, libidinal, affective, disciplinary or ideological forms – will be cops when the insurrection dies.

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I like the quirky synths at the beginning and the pensive atmosphere. The percussion at :15 isn’t quite as strong in the mix as I wanted it to be, and there’s a bit of dissonance in the texture at :45. I like the spacey bridge with the guitar melodies at 1:05 or so, but by 1:14 the mix sounds pretty distorted again, although the combination of the creative beats and the ominous atmosphere works well. I might’ve liked to see you introduce some novel harmonic content at some point, as the piece was lacking an overarching sense of direction, but I like the quirky string line at the end. Overall, the mix feels a bit strained here, and perhaps that warrants getting a little stricter with your use of reverb and filtering. That said, the sound design and mood are really evocative and neat. Keep at it, Mooke! ^_^

Mixing, mastering, and balance
Structure, transitions, phrasing, and variety
Melody, tonality, harmony, and texture
Instrumentation and sound design
Emotion, atmosphere, and catchiness
Originality and uniqueness
Overall (how do the elements above interact?)
Composite score

zybor responds:

Thank you for your kind words :)

score: 7.5/10

what I liked:

• I like the chaos and constant energy that somehow isn't too tiring
• I like the constant recurrence of the half-step pair motif
• overall pretty well produced
• I like the occasional sound effects you add in, helps add to the chaos
• the 3:26 guitar solo is really cool, but I think a little reverb on it would've made it sound more distant and ominous (which I think would match well with the overall piece)
• I like how the last note transforms into a large foghorn sort of sound, cool way to end the piece

what I think could be improved:

• I couldn't really sense any development throughout the piece, it was sort of more or less just "flat" in a sense
• because of that, I feel like this piece is a little too long for my liking, because it didn't really lead anywhere

this would make a cool soundtrack for an action sequence in a film, I like the overall picture you painted with the sounds, good work!

zybor responds:

Thank you for your review!

Speaking as a VERY queer pro-law and order capitalist here, who once identified as trans and very much thinks the western world is the best place to be gay anywhere on Earth, I could get down with "Be Gay Do Crime" as a slogan somewhere like Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, etc. If the US penalized gayness with prison time and I hadn't been able to get prep myself when something happened to me from the Gilead program (WOW that stuff is prohibitively expensive, thanks insurance racket, Pharma, and CDC/FDA regulations making it impossible to get low cost meds out!), I'd be right there with ya.

It's so rough with the gay community and minorities especially, higher rates of deadly STD exposure, probably going to be higher now that California has basically made it legal to knowingly give someone HIV, changing the prison term to 6 months and the charge to a misdemeanor. Granted, prison where the disease spreads like wildfire due to a certain kind of mistreatment of gays there is probably the worst place to have HIV infected individuals, if you don't like HIV spreading.

Then you have countries like Russia that have made it illegal for people in the US to adopt their orphaned children -- which there is an epidemic -- just because we've legalized gay marriage, and they have anti-gay propaganda laws. I was and still am a huge fan of T.a.T.u for daring to make a whole music video in the 90's of two chicks making out, and perform here with a shirt that had to be censored from Хуй войне meaning Fuck War to Жуй войне meaning Chew to the war live. To save their careers I'm pretty sure when the group broke up they both had to pretend it was gay propaganda and they have somehow reformed their ways. Though Yulia to this day maintains she loves Lena, and the tension between Lena's religious upbringing and confession and Yulia's bisexuality was palpable in their interviews, even if Lena may have had to play it up to keep from attracting negative attention from the Russian government.

Anyway gay counter culture has always been a big part of my life. It's only recently I became so disillusioned with the left for telling us gays how to think, like we don't check enough oppression boxes to say we don't like the idea of forcing everyone to go to workplace trainings to tell them how to treat us. To me, being gay shouldn't make us more special than anyone else, and I had constantly this ... stubborn feeling the left were always going back and forth between patronizing us only to ignore our needs, claiming we have to stand together, and then bashing down anyone who doesn't 100% agree with doxxing people for thought crime and burning down ironically majority minority communities... Or preferential racial favoritism, replacing one supremacy with another, etc., etc. The feeling that after so many people, I -- and the larger gay community, would be next. Like what happened to the TERFs, trans-exclusionary radical feminists, who are on board with everything until you get up to trans females.

All that said I think you've made something really interesting.

I think probably the strongest section is your outro. This is where I get the most sense of motion and clarity. The rest of the piece, as you can hear by the reverb on the end, is overcome with a lot of sustained harmonics picked up by the verb. Wherever you have reverb, I would turn it down by as much as half or 75% on the wet signal, and low cut said wet signal as much as 250hz. These frequencies sound nice on a solo instrument, but across the whole mix and in an ensemble create a smokescreen around all those beautiful cinematic sounds I felt you wanted to cut through the mix. A clean sound makes a statement.

The piece is quite repetitive, though I sense you're pointing out the ongoing struggle you feel yourself facing. I think now that I relisten that part of the problem may be the cinematic bass drums having so much verb to them naturally. There's a plugin called ERA-R which can be used over top of samples if you find no way to otherwise divorce them from it. Sidechain could be applied here if it has not already, lightly, or KSHMR Essentials Kick for quick emphasis of transients and compression. The free version of this plugin worked wonders for me even with less than stellar drum machine emulators.

There is quite a lot of unresolved tension, which of course was intentional. Beyond wanting perhaps a couple more laid back sections peeling back the layers, that's all I could ask. Otherwise, kept me interested until the very last second, just on the knife edge and still wanting more.

Great work. I really enjoyed the listen. Thanks for coming out to NGUAC!

Also how do you pronounce your name again?

zybor responds:

Thank you for your awesome deep thoughts and advice. :O

I agree with you on the left's problems when comes to lashing out queer people with shit like cancel culture and infighting. The left, despise they promised to provide safe space for marginalized people, they still happen to embrace the toxic culture of cishet capitalist society, which makes matter worse because now you have both left and right toxicity compounding the already struggle of surviving as a queer person in this society.

While I also find disappointment and disillusionment at the left, I though see the good side of anarchist culture in compared to like Marxist and ML tendencies that tend to reduce everything they see down to class, and the fact that Marxists believe queer culture as "idpol" or identity politics. Anarchists on the other hand view queer culture is one of their cores of liberation through intersectionality, and anarchist value both individualism and collectivism. When I started out I was a left-anarchist, but overtime I see that anarchy transients leftism. You can be an anarchist and queer without labeling yourself as leftist. Also, being anti-capitalism is not unique to leftism, many anarchist tendencies like Egoist and post-left tendencies reject the left for the reasons that you and me listed out. Though, still, I recognize the good side of both left and post-left, and I'd try to find a common ground between those as anarchist to also flourish queer identity as free as I could, and I work harder to help liberating any queer who still stuck under oppression, whether they're in Russia, China, Saudi Arabia or any other part of the world where queer still being oppressed.


I think the lack of resolution is a reflection of the fact the fight against oppressive systems is ongoing. Considering that, a resolution would sound odd.

zybor responds:

Yup :) Thank you for your kind words, Everratic.

Its interesting, despite that this piece is incredibly repetitive, it keep me interested, and wanting to listen for more. Its a very interesting and original soundscape you have created here. I'm impressed by it, and also wanting more at the same time. I'm so conflicted.

The textural changes you make by bringing the layers down are always a welcome surprise, yet, throughout the whole piece, i still find myself wanting more. ANd like I said, always still interested in wahts going on.

The big problem I have is the piece creates constant tension, which is good in the sense that Im always listrening and interested, but bad that I never get a sense of resolution.

Overall pretty good mix, though some percussive elements could be a bit clearer, and possibly, probably, a lot less reverb on everything.

Overall composition; 6.75
Overall Production; 8.25
Overall Impression; 7

Score; 7.33

zybor responds:

Thank you :)

The uniqueness of the work and emotion of a listener when they listen to my work are more important than anything else. I don't do fancy bullshit "epic" sounds because I know no matter how hard I try I'd never be myself. I must be myself and I will not give up integrity to fool myself into doing music that does not represent how I feel, and how it can communicate with the audiences.

My works are for thought-provokers, not gallery-shoppers.

Credits & Info


4.12 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2020
2:16 PM EDT
File Info
10.5 MB
4 min 34 sec

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