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Amazona NGUAC 2020


Author Comments

Amazona Final NGUAC round track

Hey everyone this is TN i have listen to all those artist that is left on NGUAC 2020 Final Round

All i can say is, it will be very hard to know who is gona win beacuse everyone is an very good artists.

Alot of different genre of music i choose something that i have always done and always will be doing is Emotioanl uplifting trance, I like express my track with feelings with an emotional ways.

i know there is alot people that think trance isent my cup of tea but thats ok. Newgrounds trance genre is very down at the underground it can be alot of good and bad projects.

I respect everyone with each opinions about this track i would love to hear your comments and please dont just zero bomb me just beacuse trance isent your style ! Give me help tell me what i can do to get better.

Anyway This track is call Amazona whole track is sort of an very Emotional with some influse orchestra symphony with nature sounds and with my Trance expertise so i m sorry if track is very long about 7min but that is very normal in these kind of genre of trance.

With that said i hope you all enjoy this this journey to amazon.

Thanks for listen to my song!

If you all enjoy it welcome to download the track.


A new version of this track will be Released with more time put in to the track i had some mayor technical issues with song so i couldent finish it before contest was over,

But after few investigation i saw the problems + had to rework the track abit.

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I like the atmospheric fade-in at the beginning and the energetic flair at :07. The echo-y synths and heavy filtering towards the end of phrases give the piece a bit of a wonky flow, and the harmonic content is rather minimal, but it’s still really catchy and the reverb helps fill out the texture. Some aspects of the sound design are pretty generic, notably the drums, and the piece is often rather slow to progress. I like the stripped-down approach you took to the section starting at 1:57 - I wasn’t expecting that, admittedly. There isn’t a lot of melodic content in the piece, and I think the atmospheric bit at 2:25 would’ve been a great place for that, although the bird sound effects were some nice substitutes. There’s a great sense of climax into 3:47, and the texture feels especially well-balanced and full thereafter. The piece is still missing some more memorable melodic content, and despite the smooth transitions and rich atmosphere I think you could’ve done a lot more with this piece compositionally. Still, the production quality is solid and I enjoyed the return to the more energetic, bass-heavy bit of earlier at 5:42. Overall, strong work! Keep at it, TerraNation! ^_^

Mixing, mastering, and balance
Structure, transitions, phrasing, and variety
Melody, tonality, harmony, and texture
Instrumentation and sound design
Emotion, atmosphere, and catchiness
Originality and uniqueness
Overall (how do the elements above interact?)
Composite score

TerraNation responds:

Yes iknow what i have done wrong and right on this song and i will be fixed for final release of it, I normaly take mutch mutch more time to work on my tracks short limit time for contest is abit hard to make something very very solid.

But i let you know when i finish this with a final touch and it will be even better.

I'm not sure why most of the mix is panned to the left. However, it creates a very.. interesting space in the right. I think if you're going to do that, there has to be some way to pan the kick to the right or something, as well as transition noises moving from left the right -- maybe your monitors are louder in the left than the right?

I have no complaints other than that and a bit too much reverb on fuller sections. The amount of reverb is appropriate for naked sections but can be modulated down for drops.

I like the nice sub impacts and moments of calm in the middle. Shows a good knowledge of structure. Although again I would here because there is so much low and low mid appreciate less reverb. Or at least low cutting up to 250 hz on the reverb. It's very, very present throughout.

Here the mix sounds quite balanced to the center by 3:46, but again the bass comes in the left channel and I don't understand. My right ear wants your juicy bass too!

That said, loving your progression, and I'm happy you decided to share your cup of tea with us <3

Thanks for coming out to NGUAC!

TerraNation responds:

hehe i have no i dea why its become like that but stay tuned i will fix it after contest is over its to late change it + im gona upload FULL master version so should expecting better mixing.
+ im gona change the song abit for a final release iknow what i done wrong somewhere to.

-Official NGUAC 2020 Final Round Review-

Bringing Trance in the final round is a bit risky, yet you did a pretty good job with it. I don’t understand why you panned most of the mix to the left… Also i think the rising vocal chop at the very beginning is too loud when it ends and the instruments roll starts; on the other hand, the sound design is really solid and bright. While the technical and structural aspects are more than spot on (apart from the left pan of the mix), this track lacks virtuosity. It is big, full or rich sounds and ambitious indeed, but develops too slowly as time passes; 7:00 minutes of trance require a lot of different stuff, but also a heterogeneous chord progression as well. I wish you could have experimented more with notes, and maybe created a more intriguing melody. Still, I’m really fond of the part at 2:39, great and powerful emotional flow. Overall, the track stands up for itself and it’s pleasant to listen to. What a way to go out!

Originality: 1.45/2
Composition: 1.5/2
Structure: 2/2
Tecnicity: 1.47/2
Impact: 1.88/2
Total: 8.3/10

TerraNation responds:

Hey thanks for review, Risky indeed but trance something i been doing since i was 12 years old.
Yea notice that on my mastering process, Idid not upload mastering version so it wasent intentionally going left, "Vocal chop" Its acctully simpel fx chord from sylenth 1 i like to have alot of sounds going on beacuse make song more flow with energy. yea i could sure cut down few 1 or 2 min on the song. Trance is very easy to fail with alot elements trust me i like 5 different melody for this track and match them together is hard. But again for me take few extra weeks would have make song different for sure.

Mate, excellent work - love trance. You hit the nail on the head with this. We know its not massively popular on Newgrounds and that 'trance' is put under a pretty large varied umbrella nowadays (again, especially on here)..but you have stuck to what it actually is, progressive, melodic, euphoric and uplifting...and there are still many people who love this sort of stuff.

Well done.

TerraNation responds:

Thank you for that comment, yes i hope i can reach out to them.

Ahhh who cares if it's any specific exact "trance" or whatever. I have no idea. All I know is it sounds nice and I'm glad to see your name on a new upload, TN! Really good track!

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4.43 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2020
9:41 AM EDT
File Info
9.6 MB
7 min 1 sec
  • FL Studio

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