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Wolves (Ft. Andy Chamberlain)

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Author Comments

I really wanted this song to take you on a journey through many different styles of music from cinematic to trap to experimental to a somewhat jazzy section and ending with some dubstep/riddim. All with my own spin.

I would like to say that the section at 1:26 makes use of the microtone, the space in between 2 notes a half step apart.

The rap was done by converting text to speech to mp3 on this website: https://ttsmp3.com/

I also used the occasional Cymatics sample.

If anyone would like to give feedback that would be awesome!

I would also like to thank Walpang, Nightning and drumjjj777 for the helpful suggestions :D

Lyrics (Text to Speech)-

Starting somewhere going nowhere

Things dissolving into thin air

Makes me think that I can’t be the

Person that appears everywhere

Makes me think that one day when the wolves

Join my side it will be okay

Helps me know I can face my failures

Push them to a later day

It’s hard to understand my past

But how things changed so very fast

And how the wolves sneak up on me

At times of pain and misery

Caused me to learn to take the hurt

And wield it so you disconcert

Your self no more and things will shift

And skies will brighten float adrift

Art by Nightning

Made on Ableton Live 10

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5 stars

This is a really cool concept!

I'd like a different synth at 0:45. Personal preference is that to me it's a little cheesy.

Very interesting speech to text rap. How long did that take to get out?

1:30 section sounds like it may be overcompressed and mixed too loud. I would take down those leads some and let your percussion shine. It's hard to pay attention to them in the mix with those synths up so far. I'm also not a huge fan of the overall tones I'm hearing. The rhythm is good.

Personally 2:17 isn't my cup of tea when that lead comes in. The foley in the background is giving me a weird lump in my throat feeling, until it just suddenly isn't there.

The solo is nice but I would apply more compression to it. The lead pumps up and down a lot volume wise. On higher frequencies it's a bit ear piercing. Well written there.

Next section has a lot of intricate work on the panning and stereolizing. I'd like less of a flange-chorus type effect on that, less reverb overall, and more saturated high mids. Make it crunchy.

Other than that, with some issues with your presentation, I really enjoyed the piece. Probably one of the more interesting I've seen.

Thanks for coming out to NGUAC!

uvimusic responds:

Thx for the great review! I'm glad you noticed my attempt at trying to be creative :) Mixing is definitely my weakest point so thx for the suggestions there too! The tts rap actually wasn't too hard to figure out, all I had to basically do was put the lyrics through the tts to mp3 website and change up the timings a bit to fit the rhythm of the song.

Alright first off this intro is SOLID. No complaints here. Great mixing and vibe and just. WHAT IS COMING NEXT. OOF. Ive honestly listened to this intro like 5 times before the rest of the song.

Your transitions throughout the song are super solid. Introducing and taking out elements, bring back in elements from earlier in the song, and i love the very "cinematic thing" that you do with the slow bending of the pitch for discomfort. I love that sound so much.

Now for some Critique, I love your lyrics, and i love the idea of the text to speech. If i listened to the sound of the rap vocals by themselves, i love the effects you added to it so much, however, it doesnt sit IN your mix, it sits above your whole mix. Your whole mix becomes a backround to this creepy inhuman speech as if its a movie and not a song or rap. It becomes very hard to associate the rap with the song, instead, the song is a background. it can be hard to mix vocals into a mix but the biggest thing ive found through many trial and error, is just get rid of any sounds that are competing with the vocal's frequencies. That way you can bring your vocals down, not over the mix, but back INTO the mix, and maybe if you really want one of those voices to be heard that you took out, just eq out the frequencies enough to make the voice clear. Vocals can be tough.

the section at 1:27 is actually really cool, lots of good stuff going on and i love the vibing, and the really cool reggae like rhythm you added, makes it uncomfortable, but in a good way. But it REALLY needs sidechain compression on your kick. Its the bread and butter of producing, i want that kick to be heard, and you cant at all. If its not there, a kick really needs to be there. wouldve made this section TASTY AS HECK.

Now your transition are very good, however it is super clear that each section is different from the last, i know you were going for a kind of collage of styles, this can still be achieved by keeping some elements of the last idea, bleeding them into the next one, then going into your next idea (Queue ADR3-N's link he's been posting that i dont have right now once he reviews this song please oh please link it ADR lol)

The whole 2:29 section is great i dont want to focus on that. not much complaints there.

Now your jazzy section, If i take out all of the music except the solo, the solo is SO GOOD, but the solo voice is mixed way too loud above everything else. it becomes a background again. I promise we wouldve heard that voice if you turned it down like 4-10 db, let it sit IN your music. I know you want it to be heard, but it will be heard purely on the fact that its so active, expressive, and a GREAT solo. what happens when you mix it that loud and then put the compression you have on your master, is that gets brought up SO much more, while the quieter stuff only gets brought up a little bit.

Ending was hard (as in like this goes HARD),and your kick is PUNCHY here. the ending was gritty and gross and great, and it makes me sad to have not heard the kick in your section after the rap. I wanted more of that ending, it felt a bit sudden for it to end that way.

If you make it through, or even if you dont, I really would love to see what you got for us, and see you improve your mixes. Bring those main ideas that you've turned up INTO your mix, not above it, sidechain your kick and you got some spicy tasty goodies coming out of that brain of yours.

great submission to the NGUAC!!

uvimusic responds:

Dang, this is an amazing review! Yes, mixing is definitely my weakest point and I'll definitely go end up changing the things that you said could be improved. I'm glad you liked it though!

Still a great song, good luck!!

uvimusic responds:

Thx a ton!

Credits & Info


3.80 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2020
8:43 PM EDT
File Info
7.9 MB
4 min 18 sec

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