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AIM 2020 - a weary heart

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Author Comments

went spelunking in the art portal, and found this piece called "L'obscure clarté" by Apollonia Saintclair

when i first saw this piece, the first thing came to mind is a few of my favourite emo records

so of course i had to make an emo track of my own! because everything isn't miserable enough as it is





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Amazing work here. It captures the artwork perfectly. My only advice mixing wise is that around 1:18, when you switch sections, there's a small phase click. You might want to watch out for stuff like that in the future. Regular headphones might not pick it up, but the pros definitely will.

Yoshiii343 responds:

Thank you for the review!
That little click there was intentional, actually, to make it sound more humanized.

This is great, i really liked the tremolo/alternate picking, it gives a good emotional feel to the song. Wish i could say something about the production part but i know absolutely nothing about it as you must have noticed on my own track lol, but good job!

I remember hearing others songs from you, but I think (so far) this is the one I liked the most? I could really feel the emotion, the guitar melody was really good and so was the overall atmosphere

The composition and arrangement is really good, but the mixing is a bit chaotic
Though there are a lot of mixing pointers I could mention, I think the main problem with this track is the way the "space" is handled. I would personally turn off all the reverb and delay effects(make sure them off both in the mixer and in the VST's themselves) and then go through them one by one to make sure you have a clear idea of what the purpose behind them are. "Why do I need to pan this" and "Do I really need this much reverb" etc. Once you start thinking about stuff like this consciously, your mixing will improve immediately

Yoshiii343 responds:

hi there!

apologies for taking a thousand years before responding to your review; it took me quite some time listening (and re-listening) to this track and countless others before i actually understood what you meant by my handling of space in the mix.

in hindsight, i probably shouldn't have panned the guitars too much, nor should i drench them in that much reverb; but i was worried about the frequencies would clash too much.

still, thank you for the review!

Give me FLCL Vibes from the more melancholic tracks. I like it.

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4.29 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2020
6:44 PM EDT
File Info
10.8 MB
4 min 45 sec
  • FL Studio
  • Sytrus
  • EZdrummer
  • Kontakt 5
  • Shreddage 2

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