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I spent more than a half a year on this. And actually it seems still gonna spend more.

So, a long ago (last year) I decided to create a new project. This is a mini-album called 花嵐月雪. It's untranscriptable but explainable.

Then let me explain.

The album's name consists of 4 kanji (Japanese symbols). And the album itself consists of 4 tracks.

  1. (hana) - flower, the symbol of SPRING.
  2. (arashi) - storm, the symbol of SUMMER.
  3. (tsuki) - the moon, the symbol of AUTUMN.
  4. (yuki) - snow, the symbol of WINTER.

But how to read the name of the album?

As you want. I usually pronounce it as времена года (Russian words, if interested just use translator), but it's just an image of the idea. What about hana-arashi-tsuki-yuki? :P

Actually, it's considered to have a short version of the reading. The on-yomi reading: KA-RAN-GETSU-SETSU. Or shorterer: KARANGESSETSU. But I really don't like this cuz it sounds kinda tough.

And here's the cover pic:


The second track ARASHI is already kinda completed - here it is.

So, let's get down to the description of this track.

Well, I started it in the far October 2019 and made it actually just in 2-3 days but it turned out to be too awesome to publish it immediately. I really wanted to think of it more and fix some problems I notice later. It worked, yeah.

And actually, this track has really deep meaning.

Firstly. The key is f-moll. The minor fret makes the music kinda grand and grave to express that state of the storm. And the f-tone can be a reference to the wind, as long as Japanese kanji wind 風 has on-yomi reading fuu.

Secondly. It has classical three-part form: A-B-A.

The A-part is rather calm (72 bpm) but nevertheless contains a few movement in an harp arpeggio. It starts with the only harp and gradually introduces other instruments such as flute, violins, contrabasses. So we just can hear the storm is coming. Btw, wind instruments have their name not just for fun - they make us feel the wind sensation, so do flute and oboe in this part.

And the storm suddenly comes with the B-part which is full of energy. 110 bpm, fast harp arpeggio and dynamic melodies do their part. And if we get to the melodic score, we notice that some musical phrases are played twice with different instruments. It's the echo, the thunder reverberation. Saw synths make us hear not only wind but rain too.

And after all the storm stops, the calm A-part returns back and the track ends with only xylophone. I should notice, by the moment the xylophone comes, the tempo is decreased to 55 bpm - the half of 110. This kinda reminds that even if it's calm now, some time ago storm raged here.

Sorry for my bad English. I just did my best writing such a difficult text. :D

Here's the full and detailed article about this track but only in Russian.

Perhaps I'm too meticulous but I still don't think it's completely perfect (or perfectly completed) even now. However, I publish it now today.

Why today?

Well, you know, today's the 4th anniversary of my composer career. It's a really significant day for me.


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very cool! the change at halftime was a little sudden and you could have faded it in a little better, but i love it nonetheless :]

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Apr 14, 2020
1:35 AM EDT
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