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Grey Lullaby

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Author Comments

I wrote this song a long time ago, I think about year, but I recently updated it by re-mastering it. None of the beat or melody has changed, just the mixing.

This is one of my favorites out of all of my music.

I hope you all enjoy as well :D





Not much as a lullaby, but as a techno its awsome.


I really like that. You're really amazing.

Anima-Theory responds:

Aww, thank you :D

Thanks for the review



0:01-3:25 or so, FUCKING AMAZING. I can't even describe how much this rocks.
then you faded out the... main melody instrument(whatever it was). It was going great then you faded out into piano. so, last third or so holds it back from 10/10. If you made another mix and dropped that part and did a proper ending with the sound from the first section, i would love you forever.
Anyway, that's my opinion. GJ! with the rest of it, i really enjoyed it.

Anima-Theory responds:

I really liked the piano part :P

Thanks for the review :D

Daam man it's been a while

I saw on your ad about that problem. X3 no probs man I'll help ya out.

This song in particular is pretty good. Its melody was fresh and that little snare knock was a good add-on. Top-notch as usual~

Hey man if you ahve the time check out my "Battle Above the Clouds". It's the strongest firepower I have right now and I'd be honoured for your take on it~
9/10 ~Surge~

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Anima-Theory responds:

I shall, thanks for your time man


Hello Anima.

First off, auto-10 cause it's been way too fucking long since I've talked to you. <3

I'm proud that you're keeping up making trance. After 4 years of writing music, I'm still undecided on what should be my genre. I really love making dark trip-hop and Goa, so I guess those are my calling. Anyways, to the song.

I like the intro but the cheesiness of that arpeggio you have going on is almost killing me. After you bring in the drums and the lead, you have a swirling pad in the background, which is nice. But in the introduction, you need something to get rid of the "lame", shall we say. Can I get an amen for "epic strings"? Yeah, the intro's beggin' for it.

Excellent melody. I enjoyed the little bass growl that you have at the end of each phase; personally, I'd like to see you make it sound more like a growl instead of just a "wwwooooww". I think you've already detuned it a fair amount, now just flange the fuck out of it (not too heavy though; make sure the feedback is at 0 and the rate is pretty low) and then distort & EQ. The flange will make the synth modulate a little bit, and the distortion will make it sound more crunchy.

The song is really just a repetition of itself with new drums every time it swings itself around; I'd consider changing that. Write some new stuff every time you play something over, like a break. Try your hardest NOT to add things when the melody plays itself over, but make the breaks (intro, break, outro) as creative as possible! So, you've got an intro (that's incredibly original, we hope) then your melody. Then a break that's COMPLETELY different from the rest of the song, and it's so full it almost sounds like another melody, but what ho!? We bring back the melody WITH NOTHING ADDED TO IT (repetition for emphasis, trust me, it works beautifully). Then after the melody, you can either choose to end the song there or make another break that's different from everything in the song, and then bring that same melody back. That last melody should sound the best, even though it's the same as the other 2. Know why? Because by now in the song, the listener has something to identify with. And because he/she has that thing to identify with, they love that melody with all their heart.

Arrange your song with extreme precision and care, and you'll win all the hearts and vagina your little mind could ever fathom getting.

Good work man, I wish you the best with your music.

Keep it easy;


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Anima-Theory responds:

All I can say is....Woah :D

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Credits & Info

4.33 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2007
4:16 AM EDT
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3.1 MB
4 min 35 sec

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