Remaster/Arrange: Bad Apple

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Bad Apple, or "BAD Apple!!" as ZUN likes to spell it
From Touhou 4 Lotus Land Story
Composed by ZUN
Remastered/Arranged by me

Yesterday, i felt like arranging Bad Apple, so i did.
It was quite random, i was just listening to an old arrange i made of Bad Apple in 2017 for something secret (you will find out eventually when said something is actually released...it's not up to me sadly).
But yes, while i was listening to my 2017 arrange of Bad Apple, i listened to Illusionary Sputnik Night from ZUN's music CD; Griomoire of Marisa, and i thought "hmmm...wouldn't it be cool if other old ZUN songs had those cool extended parts too?".
So, well, i figured it wouldn't be very hard to do, so i started working on it, it took around 11 hours.
For this arrange, i wanted to prioritize "remaster" for the first half, and "arrange" for the second half.
I really like the original song, but i have to admit that i am not very fond of the melody at 1:08, and thus, i also found it a little difficult to improve on.
Honestly, that part of the song is quite basic and even boring in my honest opinion, certainly not amongst my favourite melodies ZUN composed.
A lot of people would probably say "but Sylvy, it's the PC-98 era, he was still bad then", and to that i say...really? Some of my favourite ZUN songs are PC-98 songs, a lot of them have great composition.
Of course, i really love the rest of the original aside from that part, just a great Touhou song all around.
I tried making the song a bit longer by adding some new parts, messing with key changes, and adding a piano solo.
There's also some easter eggs hidden in the background melodies, pay close attention, and you might recognize them.
Also, i tried making this song more Marisa-ish than Reimu-ish.
There's 2 paths in Touhou 4: Lotus Land Story, it depends on which character you pick, the stage 1 theme will be different depending on which character you pick.
I always thought it would be kind of interesting to imagine what the music of Touhou 4 would sound like if each stage had like a "Reimu variation" and a "Marisa variation" of the music, this would definetely be the "Marisa variation" of Bad Apple.
I think if i ever made a "Reimu variation", it would sound a bit more eastern (the irony of that statement does not fly over my head), maybe with those cool saw instruments from her theme in Touhou 8...
This song was very easy and chill to work on, so i had fun, especially since i am working very hard on more difficult songs behind the scenes (i'm composing for 2 albums and 2 game OST's, consider joining/donating to my Patreon if you want to hear some of the songs early)

Also i drew Elly for the thumbnail, she's the stage 3 boss of Touhou 4 (this is not obvious for a surprising amount of people because of the popularity of the Astromo-something-i-forgot Records arrange of Bad Apple)


If you've come this far, thank you, i'm glad you took the time to read this description, i wish an extra nice day to you!
(and if your day is bad, please do something about it, you know you can!)

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I was going to do a remix of A Sacred Lot, and then I stumbled upon this

This is the kind of remix I'm aiming for if I'm being perfectly honest

I'm not entirely sure about the note changes done all over the place, but this is otherwise pretty close to perfect I think

sylvysprit responds:

Best of luck with it!

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