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Author Comments

tell me what you think


where is honesty?

one loop stacked on another loop on another loop on another does not a masterpiece make. the drums were balanced in a way that the hi-hat got annoying really fast. the song does not seem to have anywhere to go, it's just noodling around on one motif for a minute and a half. the motif itself isn't bad, there just needs to be more "rest of the song" to go with it.

the instruments sound kind of flat and mechanical, and this extended loop wasn't interesting to listen to. kick me in the dick for being a meanie but that's a review.

yeah, i agree

i liked the arrangement of the piano notes and i think the beat matched the song, somewhat. as sad as that loop was, though, i think its waaay too repetitive, and nothing really happens in the song except the piano comes in and then the drums come in. add some variety in the notes/drums, add some pads/synths to give it an ambience, and the song could be waaay cooler.

in terms of ur instruments, the piano sounds a bit too... fake. all the notes are the same mechanical speed, the same volume, nobody plays like that. It could also use a little reverb to give it depth, like im listening to someone playin a piano. itll make it way more interesting and emotional.

the drums also seemed stock and the beat could have been more interesting.

overall, this was okay, but it could have been better with a little tweaking.
check my stuff plz!

((VOTED 5))

The piano at its core was really good. Played very nicely and smoothly. I didnt catch any messups. But its just that it got so repetitive. Through the whole song it was that one single chord and it just plain got pretty anoying. But just judging it by the way the piano was played and not the song in general than it was definantly above average. Good job.

Not too shabby

I like the melody of it, but I do agree with the other reviewer that is does get a little repetitive, but it could be worse! It sounds more like a video hame song than classical (with the drum beat and all).
But not too bad my friend.

Trickmixer responds:

thanks. yeah.. i suppose it does sound more like a video game than a classical. but the with the piano i wasn't sure what genre it was.. lol
thanks for your reveiw! ill check out some of your stuff too


So you took your sad loop and turned it into a somewhat full fledged song?

I like the feeling, though it does tend to get a tad repetitive.

I would have liked to hear some instrument changes, for example instead of having the piano play that melody all the time, maybe switching it up with some strings, or an instrument like the xylophone would give it more diversity. As it stands it's just the sad loop, but with an intro that doesn't have the percussion. You need to mix things up a little you know, give it more impact!

Maybe throwing on another layer of those strings. Have them play the same notes just one octave higher up in the middle of the song to change the song's focus!

It has potential, but as it stands you didn't do too much with it. I hope you do though, it really does have potential!

Keep up the good fight Trickmixer, just keep it up. I'd like to invite you to check out my work sometime.

Trickmixer responds:

whoa.. thank you so much. i wasn't really trying to make the greatest song in the world.. i know i could do a lot better if i tried, but i just wanted to express myself in a short song.. if you could even call it that. i realize most musics suppose to have an intro,verse's, interludes, chorus's, solo's and outro's but i was just trying to make a simple song.. im glad you liked it though honestly. it makes me feel like i can keep trying to preserver as a musician. thank you for your epic review..

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2.54 / 5.00

May 7, 2007
3:17 PM EDT
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1.2 MB
1 min 21 sec

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