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Since We Fell Apart

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Author Comments

Jazzy djent demo, February 2018 backlog. Rendered on a borrowed PC courtesy LittleMisfortune since mine is in the death throes of drive failure. Big up to ya girl.

I made this as a jazz-metal reharmonization to an acapella I have in safe keeping. It's the first time I ever used RealEight guitar, before I really knew how to use the keyswitches and velocity triggers, edited from a midi which I earlier wrote for Shreddage II. I made the switch for technical reasons, like... my pc shutting off every time I use Shreddage, lmao.

So yeah, rhythm guitar has its moments. It's worth noting I also wrote the bass before I fully understood Ample Metal Ray II's slap key-switches.

Lead guitar is also RealEight. I actually forgot to install AGG/AGC or AG whatever before I borrowed that laptop. Lel.

I previously used Oceanica or w/e kit for Kontakt but remade the drum kit from scratch via assorted Metal Foundry .nkis, incl. 3 snares stitched together. This meant ripping a second ride cymbal line and passing it to a 2nd hi-hat, which was interesting. Drums compressed with GComp2.

90's K-Mart commercial inspired keys entirely in SQ8L, recommended to me by AliceMako, replacing Nexus keys, since that also for some reason crashes my PC. I'll be honest. No idea what I was doing so I grabbed some presets and heavily edited them before applying basic FX like delay, chorus, and verb. So easy, a caveman could do it.

Amps, Cerberus Bass by Kuassa, GrindMachine and Dominator by Audio Assault. Seriously, the most common-sense amp plugins I've ever seen.

Hastily mixed in a BooksaMillion before being finalized in a Volkswagen bug and mastered on LittleMisfortune's computer. Album cover loosely inspired by Duran Duran's Wedding album, a long-time favorite of mine. Not chosen for any particular reason other than thematic statement.

I have somewhere between 40 more of these demos lined up until I can either borrow a computer or save enough money for an upgrade -- enough I could release about a project a week until somewhere around this time next year and probably still have more coming since I write close to a song every two weeks -- so if you want more like this, wanna speed up the process, or see the full story, check out my Patreon!

Aaaand my first Patron's Patreon!

He got the first peek, and so can you if you pop on over for a visit. Patrons get early access to all new releases. Seriously tho, shoutout to my haiku hashing homie. Cyberdevil is litty. NG fam too. You guys inspire me! :)

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Wow nice

I have to say the heavy metal really plays strong with this one and brings on a strong vibe I was really impressed of how real this sound to some metal sounds so nice job there, it was pretty straght forward I wouldnt mind some slower tempos so you can then build it up again just an idea seems like its pretty solid as is, anyways nice work here.

Its a solid piece no changes other then suggested.


ADR3-N responds:

Just saw this. Yeah, you're right, without the vocals to kind of tame it down and give an idea of central focus and theme, this is a pretty roughshod piece. Runs all over itself haha

Thanks for the review!

Always interesting to read the technical talk behind these tracks, even if I don't catch half the references. XD So much work seems to be involved with this one too... more than usual? Is this a normal work process for you?

I'm also a bit ambiguous about the background piano, and especially when it starts out it feels like it doesn't really sync with the rest of the music. It's a nice layer in regard to texture/softness/paranoia/something to both clash and float together with the main rage a bit, and yet I'm thinking in those rare moments where it's not as prevalent, or where the guitar slows down/gets melodic enough that it seems to match, that those bits sound if not better than a lot more organized; wholesome, somehow.

I like the unpredictability of it all though, and the savage energy! The guitar really brings that on, and I appreciate the solo-like bits in particular (around the two minute mark). Maybe it's appreciative because it's rare, and really breaks out of the track's heavy style overall, otherwise, but I'm wondering how it'd be with more like that. Also towards the very end of the track the guitar seems to lose some of its 'realness'. And as for the beginning: it does start a bit suddenly, though not with a bang but with a strange kind of fading in... some kind of build-up maybe? Or just an even more explosive start?

Overall it's a crazy mix, and what a story behind it! In a Volkswagen bus, on LittleMisfortune's computer, with affluent inspirations and styles all intertwined... I do like! Appreciate the shout-out, and looking forward to more interesting melodies like (or totally unlike) this! :D Maybe I'll be here in time for that sneak peek next time now...


ADR3-N responds:

Just wanted to take a moment here to thank you for this review -- currently in the process of setting up new gear, so I should be able to start pumping out new projects very soon!

The story behind this track actually goes a lot deeper than I could explain in words, and indeed, it is a rage/vent piece. I'm glad that for the most part, despite obvious technical flaws like the piano/keys being too quiet, not quite rendering right, etc., it seems to work. Virtually everything you hear had to be replaced last minute when I lost Nexus keys, Massive, and my whole guitar library except for RealEight LOL. Shreddage sounded a lot better on most of those articulations.

You're right, I probably should focus on cleaning up my riffs and not stacking them with crazy jazz stuff. Although they were initially intended to supplement a vocal line cut clear over the top.

The mobile producing thing, yeah, for the past year it has roughly been the process just to go wherever and do music, including in the car on the aux cord, just to see what the music sounds like on commercial equipment.

I'm running out of things to say, but yeah, from now on, you'll have at least a week's worth sneak peek for any releases so long as you're a patron. Meantime feel free to lob suggestions as to what kind of projects you'd feel okay contributing to, what kind of special rewards you'd like to see, etc. :) I'm gonna update patreon soon to remove the 400 dollar laptop goal so we can actually get started on real important stuff!

Hell yeah N-3RDA, I wasn't sure if I was going to like this when the track started up because I immediately picked up on the digital instruments. Plus I was thumbing through a new book. You were competing with David Lagercrantz's "The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye." About halfway through the song I put the book down and started the track again from the beginning with my headphones on. Then I looped it a bunch of times.This track kicked fire.

My only gripe is how the track just... starts. Do something about that. Create some atmosphere. Maybe add a sample of a passing train or a dog rubbing it's but on a rug. Anything would be better than nothing.

The writing is great. The rhythms are spectacularly all over the place. All inside 4/4 but it's not like anyone cares. You can do a plenty with the standard duple or triple meter. The sound of digital instruments stop mattering really quick. Hell, after a few listens I forgot what real instruments even sounded like. Loved this a lot <3

ADR3-N responds:

Yo! Thanks for the review, and the tip! I really need to work on my intros. Isn't as glaring with vocals, but I can never really seem to get an intro I'm happy with, ever.

Fun fact #1, N-3RDA is actually one of my old nicknames, but like, with an A where that dash is because I'm not that cool. 2, there are one or two instances of 7/4 up in the first couple minutes of the track. I forgot where, but I had written most of it in 2/4 and deleted half a measure by accident. Ended up liking it because it made for a pretty sick drum solo.

Part of the digital instrument issue is like I mentioned earlier, not knowing how the hell to use Real Eight properly since its velocity triggers are NOTHING like Shreddage. Subsequent use has been a bit better.

Glad you liked!

Does not sound bad, the one thing I would change for sure is adding more of a stuttering / glitching effect for the guitar. The piano / synth in the background sounds incredibly light and off at times as well. I feel it could probably have been changing out for a more fitting synth.

ADR3-N responds:

Interestingly, there are no FX on that guitar except the amp/cab sim itself. I just didn't know what I was doing, so it came out sounding like robot-guitar LOL. Subsequent demos are written a little more... decent. Buuuut glitch effects is a good idea!

Pianos/synths, yeah, essentially nothing ended up sounding how I wanted it to in the mix. May fix this for the 2.0 version with vocals. What kind of synth were you hoping for?

Credits & Info


4.30 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2018
11:40 AM EDT
Heavy Metal
File Info
7.7 MB
3 min 22 sec

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