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Jeemboo & DJRadiocutter - Virus Detected

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Author Comments

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR1WBEphWbmM39B_UkknECA
NewGrounds: https://jeemboo1216.newgrounds.com/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/gd-jeemboo
DESCRIPTION: Ah, finally after a month of subtle inactivity, I still managed to upload a new song! Had a blast while working on this with DJRadiocutter. Mostly made with 3xOsc (the lead and stuff). Big thanks to DJRa for actually helping me. Feedback and comments below :>
Genre: Glitch Hop
BPM: 120
Scale: E Major
Music made in: FL Studio 20 Fruity (DJRA’s), FL Studio 20 Demo (mine)
Thumbnail in: Canva
Thumbnail by: Me

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Gives me the feeling of Sped Up Killbot, its definetely worth listening to every once in a while. I dont have too much critiscm.

The description says the track is in C Major and this is clearly in the key of E Minor. The melody and chords of the track sounded pretty familiar to me, and it turns out its exactly the same melody and chords than the track GRGE made for his glitch hop tutorial, link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujKCz1dhHrU, it even has the same synths, however, aside from that, let's talk about the mixdown a bit.
The main lead is way too loud. The mix overall is pretty narrow, it's lacking a lot of length/widening which makes the track kinda weak already. The drums don't fit well in the mix, they don't stand out as much as they should, especially the kick and the hi hats, they get drowned in the mix several times as the track goes. The drop is lacking sub frequencies, especially around the 60hz-40hz range, this may be because the sub of the bass is way too high. The bass sounds you used just sound messy and all over the place, they are really unstable and that could be fixed with some compression. The elements of the mix in general are clashing with each other mostly in the first drop section, though the second drop is a lot less messy.
You gotta make sure you don't accumulate frequencies like that because that will cause mud, when putting together a bass and a growl bass you are overlapping those frequencies and you'll get clipping and unclear low end. Each instrument should have its own space in the mix, this can be done successfully with EQ.
For example, if you have supersaws layered with clean square wave doing chords in the same octave how do you make them blend well together in a way that you can hear both pretty clearly although they're doing the same thing?? Either you could pan one at the left and the other and the right or you could put both stereo, equalize the supersaw and do a high passcut around 1500hz in order to fill up just the highs and equalize the square wave cutting the highs and boosting the mids. While doing this you gotta consider that the lead and the bass also need space in the mix, you could set the lead to be mono (since the chords are already filling up the sides) and high pass cut around 200hz to leave space to the bass which will also be in the center of the mix and will have a low pass cut around 200hz.
Something that also takes place here is the gain staging which is basically getting your levels right, balancing the volume of each instrument so none of the sounds drowns other sounds in the mix. All this also applies to drums, keep in mind that in electronic music all the transients of your drums should be dead mono, you want them to hit you right in your face. In case of drums you cut the lows of the cymbals and put them pretty wide and sidechain the kick and the snare so they get heard a lot more easily and the body of the kick won't clash with your sub bass.
All this was an example of you could give space to each instrument in a mix, remember that you don't have to follow strictly all the stuff i said, you can get really creative witht he way you balance your mixes, especially because each mix is different and this example won't work all the time, so i'd recommend you to experiment with various styles and genres since each genre has a way to be mixed and mastered, this will help a lot to improve your mixing techniques very quickly, but this also depends of the person, some uys will learn fast and some others may need more time to learn, just keep at it and never stop learning, always look forward to improve your production and you'll get somewhere eventually.

Something i forgot to mention about this track is the mastering, it's too quiet and dynamic to be glitch hop (-11.5 RMS), keep in mind that if you want a loud master you gotta have an excellent mix and probably in this case if you compress more than what you are compressing it right now it will sound overcompressed and distorted, most glitch hop tracks like -7/-5 RMS loud and if you want to get that loud, get to work out your mixes.

Jeemboo1216 responds:

Holy cow, thanks for the review! I'll try to be better soon though. And as for the melody, I had no idea that it was (kinda) like in the tutorial. Also idk how to widen the bass, but I'll try to watch sum YT vids to see how.

The lead is too loud in comparison to everything else. That said, its clean and the sound is nice. The drums are nice and punchy and i like the bass sound a lot.

Jeemboo1216 responds:

Thanks man, and yes, I also noticed that the lead was kinda overpowered but I left it as it is because I thought it was my ears messing me up. 3xOsc for the win .^.

Nice, just a think, the volume of the main melody is too loud

Jeemboo1216 responds:

Thanks tho, and as of the melody, it sounded just fine for me lmao

Credits & Info


3.81 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2018
3:45 AM EDT
Video Game
File Info
6.7 MB
3 min 41 sec

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