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Author Comments

Yep! Finally done! For NGADM round 1 submission. I started to make this last week and finally, I just finished it! Like, just now. Inspired by EnV's. I hope he will love this one. And so to all of you! Well, good luck to me for round 1! GGWP!

I hope you guys love it! More tracks really soon...


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---=== NGADM Round 1 Review ===---
Well this is catchy. I think that's what was most reflected in my score in the end. I admit I was slightly blinded by that since I had just listened to so many tracks as, listening again, I've noticed a couple of things that should have changed my score a little. Having said that, this is still a very good piece of music, and here's why...

On the composition side - you have written well built up intro which immediately hooks the listener and then builds again. The whole thing works together to create a sense of relentless rhythm which you played with well when you added another synth around 1:15. Good idea to add a short pause around 1:30 to give the listener a chance to relax and breathe. You're very good at using short breaks and rhythm to keep the listener interested - I was grateful for the 2 others later in the track, also.
The break later one was lovely and added another dimension to the track.

Production is very good, everything fits and is clear and coherent. It definitely works as a whole and directs your attention where it matters.

Now what I missed originally is just how loud this track is. The loudness war is over, you don't need to (and can't) compete for how damn loud it can be any more. Streaming sites will definitely drop the volume of this track over all because of how loud it is which defeats the purpose. Might as well go for dynamics these days! You're better off and it's more comfortable for the listener.

So, over all, this was a strong entry to round 1. Congratulations on passing through to the next!

Scores are weighted so that comp and prod are 75% of the score:
Composition: 9
Production: 10
Enjoyment, atmosphere, replay and all the other odd stuff: 9

This is an official NGADM '18 Round 1 Review:

Beginning Comments: Boots and cats!!! I joke, but that is a pretty heavy intro. A very hoppin' tune and easy to digest.

Production and Mixing: You did a good job of managing all of the frequencies, but you do get some frequency competition between the piano and the lead synth(s). You do a good job of making it loud without it being piercing or overcrowded. You made sure that everything had the space it needed to flourish and sounds like a finished product.

Composition and Structure: Very simple composition. Very structure quarter and eighth note tunes. Definitely makes it a memorable tune, but there isn't much interesting to listen to outside of the gated pads, the repeated melody, and simple percussion. You do have a big dance feel, but I think it's just a tad too simple. Very stereotypical dance in every aspect, including the dynamics structure. Not inherently a bad thing but it's not original.

Sound Design: The snare/claps at 0:38 are a little too thin. I can tell you wanted to wait until the drop to fill out the percussion, but it felt too shallow leading up to that point. What is the click/plucking at 02:30? It's distracting and a bit comical. Other than those complaints, you picked very genre appropriate synths. I liked the sound and they create a good dance feel.

Ending Comments: It wasn't spectacular, and my argument is due to the fact that it's nothing quite that original. Don't get me wrong, this is good work. You have good production value and trust me when I say I enjoyed it (and I'm still bobbing my head to it as I'm typing after it's ended). Music that's easy to digest is quite enjoyable if it's well produced, and you can ruin even a great song by mixing it poorly or by letting it clip. However, for a NGADM setting I fear it may have lacked taking some risks to push yourself into making a Deathmatch contending piece.


Total - 7
Production - 2
Sound Design - 1.75
Composition - 0.75
Structure - 1
Replay - 1.5

Catchy piece. The drum samples at the beginning sound a little generic, but I'm really loving melodic content at :17. The climax into :44 is great, and the refrain there is really cathartic. The panning is a bit heavy at times, but the production quality is really clean overall. Well-structured and smooth-flowing content too. I appreciated the structural variety offered by the breakdown in the middle, and the climax into the second refrain was well-done. I wish you had varied the melody a tad more the second time around, and the ending is a tad abrupt. Otherwise, not much to complain about here. I can totally tell you were influenced by EnV, too! Keep up the good work, Sylux03, and gl in the ADM! ^_^

Sylux03 responds:


Credits & Info


3.93 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2018
9:19 AM EDT
File Info
4.2 MB
3 min 39 sec

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