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[AIM] Felix Zophar - You Can't Hide

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Author Comments

I made this for madness animations. I don't think I've ever written a song in Harmonic Minor, so this one's the first. This song reminds me of demons killing people.
Time: 1 hour
DAW: Auxy

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Almost everything great!!!
Just one thing: Never say the time you spent doing a song. Lot of famous artists spend weeks, EVEN MONTHS!!! So, if you say how much time did you spent, the feedback won't be as great as it would be if you don't.
Anyway, COOL JOB!!!

FelixZophar responds:

Famous EDM artists don't NEED weeks. They just need a few days to make something awesome.

I'm impressed you made this on a mobile DAW.

Wishing the texture at 0:17 went on longer... Second listen and I realize this is a snippet of the drop.

Mixing wise, this piece is fairly rough and cluttered, but my-my, that drop is catchy! It's clear you've got an ear for music. I'd have liked to hear that a few more times.

Most of what I have in mind has already been said -- transitions, transitions, transitions. 1:59 I was again moderately disappointed not to be greeted with the drop again. Seriously, love that drop. This piece may have benefited from a true bridge in a different key before returning to our chorus. By 1:39 I was feeling a little confusion -- and wondering when we were going to move on from that riff.

However, theme is strong and cohesive throughout. My only real complaint would be mixing, and I realize this is probably much harder to nail down on Auxy. You may want to look over some general mixing tutorials, as I notice the percussion is especially sibilant, and at some points, like the drop, we begin to see the limits of what the mix can sustain. Bass and lead kind of overwhelm the drums as well, yet mix as a whole is generally sitting about where I aim to have mine for premastering/mastering.

Overall, enjoyed the piece. Pleasantly surprised when I read the words harmonic minor that rather than the usual arab-esque treatise, I hear horror-themed EDM, haha. Nice work!

FelixZophar responds:

Yeah I was surprised at how it turned out. It was so scary to me. I like the drop as well. Auxy is great for a mobile DAW and I think everyone should get it if they can't afford a DAW like FL studio, or Ableton. But I just have one problem. I have an iPad 2, so the newer version isn't compatible with my iPad. So I have to use an OLDER update. In the older update, you don't get sound packs, you don't get all the effects. There are seven (well, there is an eighth, but It's only on two other instruments out of a hundred) effects in the version I use. Depending on the instrument, delay might be replaced with shape, but they sort of do the same thing, and then there is tone, reverb, filter, ducker, and volume. So yeah, only like seven effects. In the newer version you get like ten effects. But what I have I can work around. Thanks!

I really like it! It caught my attention because I keep wanting to make something in a harmonic minor but I just can't seem to get it right.

FelixZophar responds:

I heard harmonic minor was for creepy or scary songs. And they were right!

---Official AIM review---

I like the dark mood at the beginning. The snare sounded really thin, and I also thought the hats at :12 (and other places) sounded a tad harsh and unpolished. I like the build-up into :49. You have a good sense of harmony and rhythm. I think the ghostly melody sounded a bit too pizzicato-y. It would help create some contrast between the verse and chorus sections of the piece if you had a more imposing, full-sounding melody synth that complimented the angry bass that also plays during the chorus. I also think you might’ve needed a smoother transition at 1:17. You overuse the transition with the hats to the point that it sounds superficial. After that point, the piece is a bit repetitive, and the new content that does exist (2:06) seems a bit forced, probably because of its abrupt entry. You did a better job of leading into the final refrain at 2:27, but I think the mix is a bit strained at that point. The hi-hats don’t come through as clearly as before, for example. There also isn’t really a proper ending to the piece after the last refrain. Overall, I’ve nitpicked a lot here. I think you have a good sense of structure and harmony, but your piece needs a bit more shape and contrast at some important junctures. A lot of the transitions here are pretty rough, and could use things like subtle dynamic shifts, cross-fades, and automations to smooth them over. I also think the instrumentation is a bit generic and even unpolished in the drums, as I mentioned before. Some more careful equalization/filtering will simultaneously help clean up the sound design while also making sure the mix is as clear as possible. Those are my main complaints, but I want to reiterate that you’ve done a lot of good work with the mood, atmosphere, melodies, and structure. Keep at it, Zophar!


FelixZophar responds:

Thanks for taking your time to write this! I honestly wish I changed the build up a little. The drops took a little bit to write. I felt very pushed when making this. But I use a mobile DAW when I made this. But I use an older update of it since the new one isn't compatible with my iPad :( But the older one has fewer synths and only six effects! I really wish I had the newer version though. My friend @MutantNebula has it and it's awesome!!! But thank you. I some day hope I can get the newer version or FL Studio.

Nice melody and rhythm. Also can some one tell me what AIM means? I keep on seeing it in song titles.

FelixZophar responds:

Art Inspired Music. Deadline for submitting it ends tomorrow.

Credits & Info


4.33 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2018
4:01 PM EDT
File Info
2.8 MB
3 min 1 sec

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