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A moment passed - 01 - Now, where do i begin.

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Author Comments

And lo, daklas.. wizard of wizards, folly of folly. Your magical journey has come to an end, for here it begins. You have reached the final second of your effort.
What remained was a sigh of pointlessness, you cannot defeat magic with magic..for it has the same source.

Daklas looked down unto the fruit of his labor. The papyrus he had filled with letters written for those that survived fell apart.
His whole life he had learned the complicated logic of evil, and refined his caligraphy to resonate with those who still had a mind to read at all .. before him stood an imposter that had put in no effort whatsoever but could write infinitely more complicated reports in a heartbeat.
Daklas had remained in the shadow of this future beast, he was obsolete. Every truth he spent months on could be countered with minute lies. Words... just fucking words.

''Daklas'', Daklas uttered his own name toward this ..refined copy of himself.. but was met with no reply nor communication.

It was a machination, a mimic.. but only in capacity.. not in orientation.

Daklas knew it would only respond to those it could 'see'.. and Daklas.. had no profile in its worldwide database.., to the mimic 'Daklas was a ghost.., however~ surely the machination had picked up his voice..
The imposter simply turned away from him and continued its program in taking the place of.. what Daklas used to be. Saturated with a grin ignoring the soundwave it couldnt have missed.

"insulting" Daklas thought to himself, his lifelong studies and labor had no place in the world anymore, if it werent the mimics it were those who had never been able to develope any cognitive ability that inhabited it..
Husks of people.. once self computing.. now completely dependant on online libraries.. for any and every impression they had taken the lazy route and allowed automation to replace them.. their brains were practically that of newborn still..
conditioned with smoke and mirrors, bread and games.. simple binary distractions to keep them from ever attaining independence..

Something ..so distant.. it used to be parented amongst eachother, no.. it was halted by these cold, soulless artificials.

No way he was going to end up like them, engineers with no other purpose than being a power supplier to these fucking demons.

Daklas started to doubt if there was any hope left at all, no more mindgames.. no more magic.. only one effort remained; to utilize the sensible.
The sensitive, so fragile against such evil.. but when naked ..undetectible by it aswell.. granted.. only if not marked by its grid, for the surveillance was absolute through even any infection of particle dust.

Thank God the old man was there one day, it could not have been a coincedence considering.. he had met that very old man ''Nazar', merchant in proper gear.
Now replaced.. with another mimic.. but before that went down Daklas had obtained a breather..
This device had the designated filters blocking the nano particles from entering the body thusfor preventing the surveillance grid from detecting him by its infection.
Neither the drones nor the parameter readers could pinpoint him for long enough for a scan which would have raised all alarms or atleast sent in a recording of this 'undetectible anomaly' to one of the many hearts of surveillance batteries, populated by the most ignorant imbeciles that still resembled humans,
thinking they were just playing a damn game, alas..from the cradle. They had not ever seen the light of day, unless you count the artificial version of it.
Besides those lesser machinations werent of a mind at all let alone a devious one to ignore him.

As long as it didnt rain the particle dust didnt stick to his skin and it was cold as fuck today, high resistance season.. for self computing humans.
The perfect season for entering the most inaccessible headquarters of the grid; Estonia.
Filthy sodom and gomorrah, the birthplace of global human suicide.. children first.

Daklas stood on its borders now, wearing naught but a military breather.. fuck did he care.. fuck did anyone care.. about anything at all.

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This opened my eyes!

Calamaistr responds:

Glad to be of use. Were all in it together. Or rather, out of it together.

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Jun 18, 2018
5:55 PM EDT
Video Game
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3.5 MB
1 min 33 sec

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