AIM - Serenity of the Forest

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Art piece: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/maquenda/venetum-ritus

Description: A violent creature chooses to become friendly.

I updated the file since it was first uploaded. If you hear bassoons at 1:09, then you're listening to the most recent version. If you just hear strings, then it's the older version.


---Official AIM review---

I like the percussion at the beginning. I admit the cheery melody that followed it fooled me a bit. The sharp, militaristic nature of the percussion seemed foreboding, especially given the rhythmic string riff that fades in with it, and then the melody was a bit of a tight, right turn. I suppose that fits the thematic elements of the piece, but as a listener it’s still confusing. It’s also a small detail. The melodies are beautiful, and you have a really interesting harmonic progression in the first 20 seconds or so of the piece. The section at :23 also contrasts really nicely. Despite all the subtle (and not-so-subtle) mood shifts, the piece is really flowing. You’ve used dynamics and cadences very well to slowly mold the texture in an ever-evolving stew of music. One of the rougher transitions was at 1:43, in fact. I really like the structural variety and change-of-pace you introduced at 1:10, which I think was necessary even in such a short piece. Also, 2:16 was another moment of confusion between the mood of the build-up and the resultant phrase. I know you intended for it to be that way, but I still can’t shake the jarring nature of that transition. Clear, refreshing, and well-balanced mixing and mastering, though. The instrumentation is quite enjoyable too. After the second listen, I think the transition at 2:16 is the only thing that significantly bothers me about the piece. Great work overall! The composition is very creative, and the production is top-notch. Keep up the good work, BlueOceans!


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BlueOceans responds:

Thanks for the review! :D

At 2:16, it is indeed supposed to be somewhat jarring, because it fits the story I was trying to depict. I'll say a little about what I visualized at that moment: the animal in the image approached a group of friendly animals with the intent to kill, but as it came closer and saw how cute they were, this animal abruptly had a change of heart and decided to engage in play.

You've grown a lot since the past couple years man.

Happy to still see Newgrounds still having a positive affect on new musicians!

You should come join the Newgrounds Valhalla audio discord chat. A lot of regulars are there, and I believe you would get along with us just fine.

Keep doing you my guy!

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BlueOceans responds:

Thanks for following my progress for all the years! It means a lot to me. I think the main reason why I improved a lot recently is simply because I started to learn what good music sounds like. Prior to that, I didn't actively seek out musical masterpieces; I was content with almost anything that was catchy.

I actually joined that chat last week and forgot about it. I'll visit it again soon :)

Mate, your stuff have improved a lot lately. Great work!

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BlueOceans responds:

Thanks for the comment!

That's nice to hear; LSD recently said the same thing :)

I almost didn't catch this because it wasn't posted to the forum thread, but luckily i saw this in my feed cause I follow you. This is really pretty! Good job. You'll want to post the links in the submissions thread though :P Unless you were planning to and I caught it too early XD

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BlueOceans responds:

I'm glad you like it! :D

I noticed that some of the judges were giving scores fairly early, so I wanted to delay that in case I decide change something later.

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Jun 9, 2018
4:14 PM EDT
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