F-777 & Snapski - Sramai (ft. Bog)

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Hey everyone! This was so fun to make and we hope you enjoy it!
We tried to make it feel a little more organic than usual :D.

Newgrounds - https://snapskimusic.newgrounds.com/
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyVK6PEtcit56q-jfU0XydA
Bandcamp - https://snapski.bandcamp.com/releases

Bog (Guitarist):
Twitter - https://twitter.com/ZachBraddy_VO

Newgrounds - http://f-777.newgrounds.com
Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/jessevalentinemusic
Bandcamp - https://jessevalentinemusic.bandcamp.com/

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@F-777 What did you use to make your profile picture and banner????

This progression is warming! Really solid project!


Woaaaah, it's unusual and amazing from you !

Alright im gonna pick you apart here. No hard feeling or anything xd but i have some knowledge i would like to share.

Your ideas and everything are that one step from being professional, like everything in your mind for composing and writing the music is really good.

Your mastering is what could use some work though as everyones always can
I can say in all of your tracks, you have way too much high end, although you are getting a lot better with it. But your high end is important to not overflow, i used to have the same problem and sometimes i still do. Your basses/sub definitely need to be more prominent in the mix. Your mastering is pretty clean already, but you would be surprised how much the low end just makes everything sound full. Your sub should be loud enough in most of your tracks where its just behind that level of volume where it starts distorting everything, you want it a little quieter than that. For a bass, i think its really important. Some of the low end, you cant even hear the difference until you actually fix it and how even that little change makes the track just smoother and more filled out. I would suggest getting Voxengo SPAN, look up a tutorial on a preset you can make for it, and its basically a dynamic range spectrum you slap on your master track to see what parts of the frequency range youre missing. I'll also say you just keep in some low end on your kicks, and deepen your sidechain a bit more. In this track its alright because its kind of a chill track anyways, but keep that in mind for anything higher energy for that punchyness. Also again with high end, i think you only want your cymbals/crashes/hats to be filling out most of the really high range. On your master if you put an eq on it, cut everything off past 16khz and thats the range that could make a decent difference. Yes high end makes everything sound crisp and clean, but that ear piercing high frequencies you really dont want, and its hard to get rid of those when everything in the high end is boosted a bunch. Maybe try some more compression on leads, and try to keep your chords high range a lot lower to fit room for the lead. Once you get most of the higher annoying frequencies cut out, if there are any left try using some light reverb on them to help cover them or at least soften them up. Try adding some bg elements to fatten up your mix in some lower/mid frequencies, like a quiet crowd cheer, or a low tone siren or something just to help fill in the emptyness.

Again, your production is great, and i cant wait to see where that leads you in the future.
Its all about getting that balanced range and making sure its not too crisp or too muddy.
Good luck man i hope to see you start to really get the hang of things, and if you need any more help with anything feel free


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May 14, 2018
3:20 AM EDT
New Wave
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