Rock Bottom

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I really don't know what to do when my life keep going back to dead end. There is so many shitty things going on in my life, I wanted to jump off a bridge many times. Instead of finding a way to pay my rent this month, which is overdue, I sat here to write this track.


this song is really awesome! also I'm very sorry, I'm no life coach, there are ups and downs, but you should meet Jacksepticeye.

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It' sad that life brings such a terrible sources of inspiration. But I believe that if you still find inspiration even in this hards times, nothing is lost and there is hope ahead. I believe that you'll find it and luck will return to you.

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Truly sorry for your situation. Do not do anything reckless like ending your life though! It's something everyone decides for himself but it's the last thing you should think about imo. Times change. If you're already at the very bottom than the only way they can change is for the better. Maybe that's a stupid thought, just being an optimistic happy-go-lucky f**ker, sorry. However, I know one thing for sure. If you commit suicide, community of Newgrounds will lose a very talented artist who can get his inspiration out of anything and always has something to say with his compositions.
Please, stay alive!

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Nice song. really nice atmosphere too.
And i'm really sorry this is happening to you, man. i kind of understand what you mean though, my life has hit plenty of dead ends and sometimes it feels like it's always going to be like this, i've wanted to throw myself off from a building and hit the ground and die plenty of times, but i haven't given up yet and i'm continuing to try to move forward in life and be happier, and so should you, keep fighting, there's light at the end of the tunnel for you, you just can't see it yet, but you will soon as long as you keep going. as for the rent, maybe ask a friend or two for help? parents? or anyone who can give you money? pretty sure someone can help you out now.

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I'm so sorry that is happening to you I love your music, and this is a cliché but we have all been there or we will all be in that situation and all of us will get through it. it may take days, it may take years but it will pass and if you can't pay the rent, see if it is possible to go with your parents. It may be embarrassing but your parents will understand. And for your music, you are amazing so don't lose hope and don't commit suicide. I don't want anyone with potential to lose out on so many opportunities. But just know no matter what, we will stay with you.

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Sep 2, 2017
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