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[0003-DCOF] 血祭


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Well, here's my submission for NGADM round 64. To be honest it is badly made and composed since I accidentally elbowed on my midi controllers during recording and hence have to spend most of time fixing some weird incoherent mix. After 2 days of battling with this mishap, I gave up and decided to upload this version.
Anyway I admit I lost concentration and focus to continue this track upon the elbow incident. Any viewers who happen to listening to this track now, you can opt not to close it and proceed to listen other contestants' awesome tracks. Thank you and very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Song Name :[0003-DCOF] 血祭
Composer : DwightFalcon
Genre : Dark, Orchestral

youtube link : Maybe not since this track is horribly arranged and made
soundcloud link : Maybe not since this track is horribly arranged and made
Purchase link : Maybe not since this track is horribly arranged and made


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/DwightFalcon
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6qXeaCDCcGGT6eUn0t3x_g
Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/dwightfalconmusic
Newgrounds : http://dwightfalcon.newgrounds.com/
Purchase link : http://dwightfalcon.bandcamp.com/


Despite your technical difficulties with this track, I find myself quite enjoying it until the abrupt and understandable cut-off. It's deep and dark with a rich tapestry of orchestral sound, an interesting mixture of electronic elements, and topped off with percussion that really fits the vibe.

There's a lot of popping that begins right around the 15-second mark, continues on for a while, then appears here and there throughout the track. I feel like you made solid use of the stereo field, and while I really enjoy the dynamics, what we have here mostly feels like build-up for whatever was coming next, so we never quite get there. I suppose I shall just have to wait for your next submission to the Audio Portal!

Elbows can be really willful, naughty little things, can't they? That kind of accident would probably wreck my ability to concentrate and successfully finish a piece of music, too. And at that point, it was probably too late to start something new even if you had been able to. Nevertheless, I am much more impressed by a greatly truncated track bravely entered into the NGADM than no track at all! Keep right on moving forward with that same sense of determination.

6.5 out of 10

DwightFalcon responds:

Hi ChronoNomad,

Yes indeed I plan on making a suspense into bombastic orchestration score however my attempt is unsuccessful. Perhaps I will remake this track once I find time to convert them into midi format.
Also thanks again for review and your hardwork in organizing this competition. :)

I like the dark mood at the beginning, but the notes of that first instrument sound a little indistinct. I like the sense of climax into :30, and the instrumentation is really cool. Unfortunately, I don’t really consider this a structurally complete piece. There’s very little melodic content, and I’m not sure what the static at 1:25 added to the piece. This piece has a ton of potential, but the composition is quite simply very underwhelming, I’m afraid. I’m sure this isn’t your full potential, though - you seem to have struggled with recording and mixing because of an accident, based on your description. I hope you have more time to invest in your future projects! Also, ‘gratz on being user of the day. ;)  Keep at it, DwightFalcon!


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DwightFalcon responds:

Hi TaintedLogic,
thanks a lot for the detailed review and also your hardwork in judging all the submission.
Apparently I just realized I have uploaded an unmastered version.
But anyway, I really leartn a lot of new tips and tricks from various submission and look forward to future/upcoming events. :)

ah bummer about your recording problems! this is a nice start to a track... just needs more. =p

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DwightFalcon responds:

Thanks a lot :)

It could be better, but it is still good! :)

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4.08 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2017
9:41 AM EDT
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