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Author Comments

Used ZynAddSubFX and triple oscillator, and it has a few piano and choir moments at the end. Really catchy melody.


As you asked here a review concerning 'mixing/mastering and beats/percussion'... and more.

Mixing: Kick, Snare, Snaps way too much in the back. A lot of music today is focused on beat and groove. And for that, they still have to have focus. Said elements also sound overcompressed and flat: The kick is way to long and static, and muds everything, not to mention that it has no impact at all. Snare has a similar problem, no attack and transient at all.
The 'ay-o' offbeat synth (comes at 0:39) has too much importance in my opinion. Can be a bit further in the back. The "reggae" snare fill is a notch too loud, same with the choir at the end of the track. Too much attention for these elements.
Overall take more care with balancing your track properly. Take your time and only use the faders for a whole while, before even considering adding EQ and compression to anything.

Mastering: Of course this depends a lot on the mix, but seeing that the topic is hovering around like a vulture, ready to devour the residues and cadavers of wrongly mastered and severely overcompressed dull tracks, I can only recommend the following: Don't overcompress. Don't give up punch and musical content for loudness. It's NOT worth it.

Beats/Percussion: A beat is a creative choice by an artist. However, some beats can fit and some don't to the rest of the track. In this case the beat is only fitting somewhat. A more simple four to the floor from the beginning (Like you did in 1:51) could've given this track the energy that it deserves. I like the snaps in the intro. The Hihat pattern is good too, however could use a bit more spice. Be nifty at this point, and don't make a loop that runs through the whole song. Add some refreshing moments here and there, even in the percussive area.

4 chords. Yes. that is what can make a great song. But in this case, 4 is just too plain. Different parts could improove with different harmonies. Ofc in the beginning don't get too experimental and keep the tune you have been in before... take another progression, use parallel harmonies. This is the easiest way to put a bit more life into this.

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ManelNavola responds:

Hey, thanks a lot for taking the time to review my track!
Your review is quite detailed and organized therefore it is very easy to follow and understand, so on the next songs I make I'm going to focus towards more instrument balance, drum impact, and chord variety.
Thanks a bunch again :)

I like it, especially the melodies, very catchy. I'd say moving forward it wouldn't hurt to try expanding the parts and sounds to make them a little more interesting. I would suggest combining the sounds of multiple instruments/plugins, changing up rhythms more often, adding in unique parts ever so often, harmonies, and overall just bringing in some more variety.
There is a lot of stuff to consider, this is just a few things I personally think could make this track much better than it already is!

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ManelNavola responds:

First of all, thank you for taking the time to review my track! :D
Secondly, yeah, I should add more instruments and rhythm patterns in order to achieve more variety, as you pointed out, it's pretty simple/linear at the moment.
So from now on I'll focus on that in my future songs!
Thanks a lot again Connor! :)

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Apr 23, 2017
6:56 PM EDT
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