dj_padman - Pull Itsa

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Well, the title wont win any awards. Crank it up.


Really original

I find it hard not to give most of your songs all 10s but I have to leave room cause your still improving. awesome work, really complex stuff, I like it a lot.

Nostalgic Spiral

And we have yet another remix that I can't really critacize. Actually, it's not so much of a remix as an expansion on a theme. I'll point you to see Five Train and Summer Horizon.

However the Nostalgia is becoming mildly worrisome. I do have some suggestions though. When I find myself lagged down, I've often looked to a few favorite artists of mine that get me back in the groove to do cool things, like write, game, and eat cheese.

Ms. John Soda
Death Cab
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Sufjan Stevens

More inspiration than anybody's business.

There's also a very specific track by a group I have alot of respect for, though I don't like all of their stuff overmuch...

One Thought At A Time - Massive Attack

Just suggestions for inspiration, but onto the piece.

Nothing explodes, but it does keep you relatively moving. We move throughout the piece... but it's just movement. It's not a specific explosion of jawsumness or a mellow bit'o stuff, it's just "Wooo... I'm adncing, and I look sexeh, and you should boink meh..."

So no, it's not sensational, however that doesn't mean it's not a good tune. As an audiop junkie, I can tune in and drop out to this stuff. You've got alot of entertwining stuff, which is something I love about your work, it entertwines and leaves me all "I could do this too" and whatnot.

::eats a donut::

So yeah. Props. For the audiophile in me, I give this a five, though it should honestly be rated a four.

Damn, the 0-rater-haters really pounced on this one before you got a descent review. A pitty.

::slaps on a 5::
::hugs'n kisses::
-Zedar, The Scythe-Monger

dj-padman1 responds:

Thanks for taking the time Zedar. Hmm..I recognise only Massive Attack from your list, I'll have to do a little research about the others, see what all the fuss is all about.

I appreciate your comments, and they have been assimilated into the Borg collective ;)

Oi friend

Always good fun to swing by your page and see what you're experimenting on. This site needs more artists that focus more on expanding than receiving downloads.

I had problems with this though, main thing is that it gets on my nerves :) I'm trying to put my finger on it while listening to it, so bear with me.

A word that comes to mind is 'mushy'. The whole thing is basically submerged in pads - of course you have a name to live up to - and they seem heavily reverbed, too. I'm afraid it drowns out a lot of dynamic nuances. Couple of times I went "Hey! I think I just missed something cool!", there's glitches and weird synths and a really cool beat, but they don't seem to stand out as much as they usually do in your music. On the whole, it lacks a direction and soon I feel the whole pad-thing is beginning to sound gratuitous and even bordering on corny New Age (which is something I highly suspect you weren't going for).

Listened through the thing a couple of times now, there's definitely some good ideas in there. It just doesn't really feel organic, too randomly thrown together, and relying too much on heavy sustain.

I really admire your productivity though, by the way. You pump out full-length songs at a frightful rate and I may not always like them, but they are always at least decent and show a lot of effort.

A 5/5 for that effort, and encouragement to dig deeper into this stuff, and a request to pardon the possibly harsh tone of the review. Maybe this was just not written for me :)

dj-padman1 responds:

Very valid points. I agree.

I was going for a frantic feel with the percussion so it did get overloaded. The pads as well? aww man, I should be getting those right!
I had the same feel listening back to it. I'll try and get the next one sounding a bit 'leaner'.

Well, input is always welcome, and yours carries the weight of a skilled practitioner of the art, so I thank you! ;)

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Jan 29, 2007
12:37 AM EST
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