180 BPM (Hardcore Mix)

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If you liked 180 BPM, and you like Hardcore stuff, you'll love this!



XD i needed too find speedcore lmao ty!!! XD im so gunna practice speedcore! lol YOU ROCK!!!

............whoa! 0.0...........

Those kicks are heavy! ^x^ Damn good effort.... Definetly somthing to nod yer head to while playing a mad game or....something lol Good track if a bit too distorted in area's but thats hardcore :P


Well done

It is, as you said, a really nice example of a hardcore style. There are a few improvements that could be made to it though: there is very little low end, I want to be able to hear and feel some bass, however, very little is coming out of my sub-woofer. Also, the claps are a bit annoying, as the last guy mentioned, I don't think he is right about the kick though -- the kick is just right for this. Nice job overall - 4/5.

Yo-Shee responds:

Wow, my first hardcore track and it's popular already... heh heh heh...
Ah, erhem, anyway, the bassline. I just used the exact same bassline that I did for the original 180 BPM (which you should check out if you haven't already), which worked for that song. I'm no hardcore expert, I was just inspired to do this remix after listening to some previews for songs by Omar Santana. So I'm not surprised that it doesn't work too well for this.
As for the claps... those were also in the original version. When I first listened to this remix, I just thought that it was so cool that I made my first hardcore song, so I didn't find the claps to be annoying. But believe me, if I did, I would've gotten rid of them a long time ago.

Thanks for reviewing!

Didn't seem as fast as I thought

I heard this tune from somewhere except now it is faster. Anyway, I like dance music so good job. I would be sweaty and fainting if this was on DDR or something. A bit lacking in diversity, but has that nice tune which you keep on building up. I will give you a 4.5/5, but NG won't let me so 5/5. Great job. Can you review my wong called "Ominous dancefloor" It may not be hard dance like yours...kinda soft dance.

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Yo-Shee responds:

This song is completely my own composition. If you think this is the first version of it that you heard by me, you need to check out the song I uploaded called "180 BPM (Edit)". Unfortunately, I could not upload the full version of that because it was way too long. This new mix is actually the full version, as it is my first hardcore track and I don't know how to make them longer. If you want to hear the full version of the original, you can try to contact me through AIM if I'm on and we'll figure out a way to get it to you.

In terms of speed, the original version was, as the title suggests, 180 BPM. This version which I just made today, is closer to around 200 BPM, I think.

As always, thanks for reviewing!


I like it in all, but the kick was WAY to distorted. Especially the claps, I dont like claps with the Fast dist (whtv its called). Still, it sounds cool. Check out my song 'dance to the beat'. Thanks!

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Yo-Shee responds:

I decided to make this after I was listening to previews for songs by Omar Santana; I got inspired to make a hardcore remix of the original 180 BPM (which you should check out if you haven't already). If you think that the kick is too distorted in my song, you should check out some of Omar's stuff!

Thanks for the review!

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Jan 26, 2007
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