Tiger M - TigerMvintage - Clint Tigerwoods (Part II) [Original Distorted Version]

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TigerM - TigerMvintage - Clint Tigerwoods (Part II) [Original Distorted Version]

While working as
Secretary / Office Manager / Receptionist and Accountant weekly
at MGCM, his stepbrother's Music School and Music Conservatory,
Tiger was introduced to the Roland Boss DR-5 Rhythm Section...
and... often more than
eight hours a day producing arrangements...

Using the MIDI instruments on Roland's DR-5, in a single month,
Tiger would produce over 250 unique arrangements.” [some call them "beats!" ^^]


Recorded at age sixteen in the Year 2000
this tune continues an original composition I shared
for the first time earlier in year and fortunately or Unfortunately
I wanted " Dr. Dre " bass from the
strum bass notes heard there in the background ('blulmp!') to rock
stereos reeling "Second Trial" [my second cassette] yet
did too much gain for comfort. =^^;

This is the last moderately to severe distorted track
I have not yet shared from second Cassette "Second Trial."

I later listened to the recording after getting home in 2000
on my own Phillips Stereo I got [silver combo home audio player].
The 'distortion' on the strum bass (instead of clean rumble)
did guide decision to record another take which was not
put on "Second Trial" but a different cassette tape after.

I could not fit Part II to my first tape "The Starting Line"
because I hadn't completed composing this tune (there is a
universal built-in memory limit for the DR-5 analog MIDI note count).

I deleted some of the songs I had recorded to Roland Boss DR-5 reluctantly
(for the very first time which bothered me at first =F)
and connected the audio jacks and taped to "The Starting Line"
(my first cassette) until all recording time depleted filling it.
Afterward-- this song I continued and later re-recorded another version.

There is no "pulled from the recycle bin"
on the Dr. Rhythm Section (or most analog devices) so
deleting to perform more notes to record to DR-5 to put to tape
became a process I eventually got used to although deleting anything
[still that way today Thankfully years later] still unsettles me.

Very different from the initial and original "Clint Tigerwoods" (now online)
My composition Part II of a story continued in music
continues in notes and rhythm that I listened back through
to write lyrics I wanted to be different from the first part
of the song utilizing the same approach (lyrically)
for the "change in rhyhtm and melody" I did too.

I wanted to have an upbeat "rap part" for an "action sequence"
I imagined and wrote as part of the song done all in 2000.

The "stops" are not 'programmed' or 'selectable' on the "DR-5"
[which are fun in Digital Audio Workstations =3]
but intead I just "unplugged" the DR-5 output jacks
and Tape Deck input jacks at the same time --
and DID learn another method (you can 'mute' notes
one at a time during live performance or after recording
and can put them somewhere else [or in the same place]).

As shared prior, "Clint Tigerwoods" by title was formed
because of "Clint West" in racing video game "Death rally;"
"Westwood Studios" (the name of the creators of C&C); and
another game character which together is "Clint, Tiger and Woods"
(like "Goaskalice" is not about "Alice In Chains" or "Bloody Roar...")

Wanted to clarify that because I didn't know who "Clint Eastwood"
was at sixteen (...no joke) and "Tigerwoods my father talked about
but I didn't watch any sports unless they were women's sports...
Part II of my first song with two portions

Clint Tigerwoods!

Please enjoy this MIDI analog Track! =D
Stay Awesome and

Thank You For Listening! =^_^=

Forever In Love With All That Which Exists,
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown)
- Writer, Artist, Musician, DJ, Eternal Student & Being of Existence,
-Tiger M. Gales aka WAM! DJ, TIGER M! ^_~* [Day of Balance Day 2017 * ~ = ~ * | Saturday]
-9:06 PM (1/28/2017) [Eastern Standard Time, North-of-Equator, U.S.A.]



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