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My version of Dimrains style, plus a bit of goa. Got lazy at the end



...obviously your skills with music producing programs are a lot better than Dimrain47s. But what Dimrain47 is really good at, is creating melodies. You fail at much at doing this as he does in terms of mastering, mixing etc.
Listeining to this doesn't give me any kick at all, so I can't give more than a 6.

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Firstly, to the jackass who can't spell... If you think he "can't come close," and then call him an asswipe, WHY in the cold depths of Hell would you give him a 10?

Now, on to the actual review... lol

It's a great song, I like the Q3 clips in the song. Seems to be a recurring theme of yours, possibly? It's a very fast paced song(about 170 bpm, I would guess?), which is great for my daily walk to and from work! It's also not all that repetitive/boring, which thrills me much. I really don't care for excessive reps. I'd definitely give this a 10/10 and a download!

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g-r4ve responds:

then whyd u give me a 9? =p

An honest effort, and a good song

I'm sorry, but you just can't touch dimrain. His style is unique, and despite many efforts to duplicate and make tribbutes and the like, most people fail miserably.

Granted, you failed at achieving a mimic of his style, but I must say that you still made a very good song in it's own right, which is unique, and I can't say I`ve heard anywhere else. I would say that it is a hybrid style between yours and dimrain`s, and I find it to be most intriguing, and very pleasing to listen to.`

I really like this thing, and would really like to hear more along the same lines of it, if you can come up with some more. (Oh, and I have to say, the end was the best bit, contrary to what you said in your discription!)

An 8/10

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g-r4ve responds:

dimrain composes good songs... but his ability to mix sounds, and tweak frequencys falls horribly short

Nice song.

First off, I don't think ANYONE who spells the word AS with a Z instead of an S should have any fucking room to call any one else a moron.....Not to mention, "u dont know nothing" You sound like a god damn hillbilly you backwater jackass!

Anyway... Nice song man but I keep seeing you saying you are getting lazy in parts of your music... You have such talent! Use it! 4/5

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r u a moron

u dont know nothing u dont sound anywhere near az good az dimrain. u asswipe.

g-r4ve responds:

hahahaha I pwn dimrain u noob

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Jan 23, 2007
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