Sempiternal Rhapsody

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2016 has been an interesting year, and much unfortunately, not always in a good way. But regardless, now it seems to be coming to an end. To celebrate it, I'm posting my most complex, and imo, also my best piano composition of the year. I've been working on this song on and off for a bit more than two months, which is longer than it usually takes. But I've also been more busy with studies than I usually am!

Either way, now the piece is finished, and this is my way of wrapping up the year. For once, I think I'll let you enjoy the music, instead of reading a long description here. If you want some additional information, you can read my longer description, on youtube.
Speaking of, you can watch me play instead of just listening, in case you feel like it:


That's all from me this year! Thank you for listening, and Happy New Year!


The song's mood doesn't become too happy or sad. You played melodies that would sound happy or sad with certain chords, but you used different chords, so the listener doesn't get the expected satisfaction. For this reason, for me, the song symbolizes apathy.

I love the rhythm change at 2:42.

The chords you used in this piece remind me of the music I listened to as a child, so it brings back memories that are rarely recalled. Major scales were rarely used, and songs of all emotions had diminished chords.

This is a great song for the end of the year :D

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I do agree that there's no clearly happy or sad part in the piece, although the atmosphere clearly varies a bit from part to part. Interestingly, while I do get that certain aspects of the piece sound apathic, I see the piece as someone going through a mental battle, if you will. Or maybe even a collective, since part of the inspiration is how weird this year turned out to be. But I personally, feel a bit of hopefulness and effort/dedication (almost like a struggle) in the piece as well. The ending though, as you can hear, isn't necessarily the happiest one. It's more of a limbo, where the future remains unknown. So I guess apathy could be quite apt, after all!

Also, I'm glad if the piece isn't predictable, as long as that doesn't make it sound bad!
2:42 is probably my own personal rhythmic favorite as well :)

Oh, what music did you use to listen to as a child :O?
I tried to use a variety of both normal, and more unusual chord combintions, with a lot of variation, and versatile chords (along with some chromatic basslines).

Thank you for your review :DDD

Y'know when I don't comment on your music, it's not because I don't like it. It's because I cant find any new good words to use for your amazing talent :) it's not surprising that I love it! it's great! :D Happy New Year mate

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Sure! One cannot comment on everything. I'm glad that you show your appreciation as much as you do already! Thank you for that, along with this review ^ ^
Sorry for the late reply, and Happy New Year!

I am enjoying this on my birthday, New Years Day, thank you very much for posting this piece. I really like it.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I'm a bit late, but Happy Birthday!
I hope you enjoyed the New Year festivities, along with this piece :)

Happy New Year! Really good piece. I like the change of the pacing and the style variations very much. Good story telling through music :D, keep up the good work.

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Sorry for the late response, but Happy New Year!
I like to vary different elements of my compositions, so I'm glad you like the result of that too!
Thank you for the review ^ ^

I've had the honor to hear the unfinished version of this track, which was already pretty good.
But this is a beast in its own right. What a way to end the year, eh? It feels somewhat nostalgic to me. It might be your style, as it reminds me of different video games and even anime, but even then, it does have a kind of quality that makes the experience more personal and relatable. I'd say it's a step in the right direction, composition-wise and musically. It's very melodic, but multiplexed, making it fairly unpredictable. Well, it is a rhapsody, after all. :)
May the new year bring more brilliant music like this one.

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I'm glad to hear that the finished version is better than the almost finished one :D
I wanted to end the year with this composition. Partly, because I happened to finish it so close to the end of it anyway, but mostly, because it shows my effort to make sure I put out at least something good in terms of music, this year too (it's more dramatic if there's a turnaround just at the end, no?).
It's cool if it already sounds nostalgic!
Personally, I feel that this piece is a bit more classical than most of my compositions are, but there are definitely segments and portions where the anime and video game styles shine through, since those are pretty much the core of my piano playing (along with other OSTs, such as from movies).
I tend to have a thing for more melodic music, especially if it's a solo instrument. I also have a tendency to change around my compositions a lot, instead of repeating the same refrain two thousand times (sometimes, that really works though). I always try to return to the same themes though, so there is some repetition in here too. Most notable, is that the same melody and chords that are played in the beginning are returned to now and then, a fair amount of times (in different variations).
I hope the New Year will bring out a lot of gems in terms of your music as well! Thank you for your review :'3

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